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The CrowdSight Toolkit

  • Detect and analyse multiple faces
  • Real-time analytics
  • Cross-Platform

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Make Customer Experience More Engaging with our CrowdSight Toolkit

Industry matches: Retail & Digital Signage

CrowdSight Toolkit

CrowdSight Toolkit empowers you with accurate, real-time insights into your audience’s spontaneous behavior, interest, and demographic profile. We put actionable data at your fingertips so you can focus on the things you love: engaging your customers, optimizing your business and making smarter data-driven decisions.

All features in one Toolkit

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Facial Expressions
  • Head Pose
  • Cross-Platform
  • Processed Locally
  • CMS Integration


  • Windows and OS X (Android coming soon)
  • Processors: Intel i5 3.5 GHz recommended (high frame rate)
  • RAM: 2 Gb min (Android), all other 4 Gb min
  • Camera: 1280×720 (recommended)
  • CMS integration by using HTTP request in JSON format

We made it simple for you

Turn audience insights into actions. No hard coding needed, easy-to-use, fast and hassle-free!

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We are using and heavily promoting Sightcorp’s Toolkit because of its stability, accuracy and very easy installation and hardware configuration. The real-time aggregated data is immediately accessible through Crowdstats, which enables us to scale with ease.

─ S. Ahmedov, CEO OmniChannel


Everything you should know about the CrowdSight Toolkit

What is the CrowdSight Toolkit?

CrowdSight Toolkit is a simple cross-platform plug and play solution that enables you to detect and analyze multiple faces using just one application! Get insights into the reactions and behaviour of your shopping audience in real-time with no need for hard coding. The software can be installed with ease by anyone within minutes.

Ready reports

CrowdStats is a Cloud-based reporting dashboard that works exclusively in combination with the CrowdSight Toolkit. Transform your analyzed data about viewer engagement, attention, mood and audience demographics into ready-to-use graphs and charts.

CrowdStats reporting API

Want to create your own reporting dashboard according to your liking? The CrowdStats API gives you access to all the reports collected by CrowdStats so you can analyze and visualize them in your own style. The API can also be used to import the data directly into BI platforms so you have all your data in one place!

What about privacy?

Sightcorp has a standing commitment to protect the customer’s and audience’s privacy. All of our products are fully respectful and complaint with privacy regulations: data is collected anonymously, no images are recorded or stored therefore no uniquely identifiable data can be extracted. Images from the camera sensors undergo real-time conversion into data without any storage.

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