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Understand and Predict your Audience!

Deliver Better Experiences by Knowing their Emotional Behavior and Engagement in Real-time.
CrowdSight Software Development Kit (SDK) is a flexible and easy-to-integrate Crowd Face Analysis Software which allows you to gather real-time, anonymous information about your audience while they behave spontaneously in different life environments.

Understand your audience emotional reactions and engagement towards your products, content and campaigns, and recognize important demographics such as age, gender and ethnicity, in real-time.

CrowdSight works offline and on the most popular desktop and mobile platforms (Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android).


Learn more about your audience by automatically detecting their facial expressions, age, gender, mood, attention time, head pose or clothing style.


Target and change content according to the detected information so that it will be more effective and useful for your audience.


Mine the reported information to understand changes and trends in the demographics, interests and style of your audience.


Real-time Results

Privacy Protected

Offline Analysis

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  • Tracking people

    Track customers passing by and retrieve information on their attention span or returning behavior.

    Emotion Recognition

    Retrieve six facial expressions of multiple people simultaneously, like happiness, sadness, disgust, surprise, fear and anger.

    Age and Gender Estimation

    You will be able to know which gender group your audience belongs to and to accurately estimate their age category.

    Real Time Results

    Process webcam streams in real-time, which will enable you to dynamically target the content according to your audience likings and behavior.


    Retrieve real-time facial information of your audiences, using your favorite platform: Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android.

    ID recognition

    Use the ID detector to recognize returning customers within a small time window, or learn and store a model of a user for further usage.

    Head Pose Estimation

    You can find out what your consumers are paying attention to, what attracts them on the displayed content and what they ignore.

    Mood Detection

    Understand your customers’ mood and react accordingly. The Mood detection can distinguish between neutral and happy moods.

    Clothing colors

    Unique feature that allows you to uncover the color preferences of your crowd. Combine this feature with others, for better content customization and targeted Marketing suggestions based on audiences’ preferences and needs.


    Identify the most probable ethnicity group of the detected faces (African, Asian, Caucasian or Hispanic).

  • Features and Accuracy

    Facial Expressions
    Mood Estimation
    Age Estimation
    +/- 5 years
    Gender Estimation
    Ethnicity Estimation
    Head Pose Estimation
    yaw 6.1° (+/- 4.4°)
    pitch 6.5° (+/- 3.9°)
    ID Recognition
    91% (20% false positives)
    Attention Time
    Clothing Color
    • Market Research

      Get reliable insights on consumers emotional behavior and interest towards content, products and brands, without the need to inquire them. Learn More.
    • DOOH/ Outdoor

      Offer more interactive digital displays and targeted ad content based on what your audience feels and wants to see. Make more cost-effective marketing decisions, which will lead to better engage with audiences.Learn More.
    • Retail and Hospitality

      Monitor crowds, target advertisement content and products, and achieve better customer satisfaction, by knowing your audience/customers interest, emotional behavior and demographics. Learn More.
    • Surveillance and Monitoring

      Monitor your crowds as they enter or move inside your buildings, airports and other controlled areas. Identify demographics, and understand attention and behavioral changes. Learn More.
    • Creative Industries

      Offer interactive gaming experiences and art installations which reflects your audience/consumers emotional changes and interest. Learn More.
    • What does SDK means?

      SDK stands for Software Development Kit. This means that it is a technology toolbox (library) which can be used by programmers to integrate our technologies into new or existing applications.
    • What is the SDK designed for?

      The SDK is designed for Human-Computer Interaction and Human Behavior Analysis. We consider the SDK to be an enabling toolbox for many applications; it is up to you to find great ideas on how you can use these technologies.
    • Is it possible to obtain a trial version of the SDK?

      Yes, trial licenses are directly available after you subscribed to our licensing server. However, no support is provided for trial licenses. Note that trial licenses are limited in time and usages per company.
    • Which kinds of licenses are available for the SDK?

      Unlimited and time-based licenses. In the unlimited license, one computer will be able to run the SDK for undetermined amount of time. This will require a one-time activation via internet. On the time-based license, the SDK will need to be actively connected to the internet, and will expire after a pre-defined amount of time.
    • Can I track multiple people at the same time?

      Yes, the SDK is targeted to multi-person scenarios. If this feature is not a requirement, please consider using inSight SDK for enhanced facial expression recognition and eye tracking accuracy.
    • What programming languages are supported?

      The SDK is a C++ library, this can be wrapped to support more languages, but the wrapping is not directly supported.
    • What is the minimum system requirement?

      The SDK is able to work offline on basically every system. For real-time performance, we suggest to use at least an Intel core 2 Duo @ 2.5 Ghz. A full HD web camera (eg: Logitech HD pro series) is required for enhanced tracking accuracy. An internet connection is required for activation and license validation, depending on your license type.
    • What operating systems are supported?

      Windows 7, Linux (Ubuntu) and Mac (Snow Leopard or better). Android ad iOS versions are in the works
    • Does the SDK work on people with beards, sunglasses or spectacles?

      Yes, the SDK is robust against these features. However, sunglasses might affect the emotional classification (that is why poker player wear sunglasses!). Also, sunglasses and reflection on spectacles does not yield reliable eye tracking results.
    • What kinds of illumination condition are required?

      The SDK works with a various set of conditions. The optimal condition is with frontal, homogeneous natural illumination. Avoid backlighting and make sure the camera is not over-saturated. The SDK also works in the dark. As a rule of thumb, if the face features can be clearly seen from the input image, the SDK should be able to interpret them.
  • Documentation

    Click here for full screen access to the documentation

  • Minimum requirements

    • Intel Core 2 Duo 2.0GHZ or better.
    • 2GB RAM
    • Input frames with a resolution of at least 640 x 480
    • Active Internet connection


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