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Target Your Content to the Right Audience at the Right Time.

Get to Know How Your Audience Feels About Your DOOH Campaigns.


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Audience and Context-Aware Signage Displays

Make your DOOH content more effective and engaging by leveraging the power of audience behavior metrics.
At Sightcorp, we empower Digital Signage providers with in-depth insights in their audience, so they can focus on engaging their audience effectively.

  • In-depth understanding about customers’ unprompted behavior in real-life environments
  • Spot audience behavior trends
  • Easily target content and campaigns to your audience’s behavior, profile and interest
  • Visualize how your signage displays perform in different locations
  • More interactive and meaningful Customer Experiences
  • Higher Customer Engagement
  • Make well-informed Marketing decisions and optimize campaigns
  • Improved Customer Retention

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