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Improve your Research with Unparalleled Customer Analytics

What if you could understand and predict consumers’ choices and preferences?
The Challenge

The majority of human thoughts come from the subconscious level which makes it difficult for traditional market research techniques such as questionnaires to gather complete and objective feedback about people’s behavior and interests. Such ambiguities come at a great financial cost, with companies spending millions on Research, Advertising and Marketing campaigns every year.

facial landmarks
Consumer Behavior Insights Made Easy

By using a simple webcam, Sightcorp Face Analysis Technology is able to track and measure consumers’ unbiased behavior responses and interest in different real-life scenarios, in a totally automated and non-intrusive way.

  • Understand what consumers think and how they respond to products, brands and content, by monitoring their facial expressions or tracking where they look at.
  • Retrieve their demographic information such as age, gender and ethnicity without invading their privacy.
  • Serve your customers with more complete reports


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