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Face Analysis Technologies for Clinical

Enhanced Human Experience in Healthcare

Make a positive impact on people’s lives by enhancing their quality of living, giving them the power to communicate with the world and overcome limitations. This way you will be making the world a better place by promoting a culture of inclusion and accessibility.

  • Measure patients’ attention to early diagnose and treat neurodevelopmental disorders, through advanced head and eye gaze algorithms.
  • Leverage Emotion Recognition Technology to automatically track a child’s face and make an accurate diagnosis of autistic spectrum condition.
  • Embed Face Analysis Technology into your assistive tools and systems, so you can address each patient’s needs on a personal basis
  • Offer more personalized and effective treatments and training.
  • Empower people with disabilities to communicate and interact with the world, by simply using the eyes and head gaze to control the mouse cursor and webpages.
  • Measure patients’ satisfaction
Face Analysis Technologies for Robotics

Human and Emotion-Aware Robots

The Human Analytics and Emotion Recognition technology from Sightcorp enable robotic companies to build more emotionally-aware and responsive robots while promoting smooth, natural ways of human-computer interaction.

  • Create intelligent and sentient humanoid robots by embedding Emotion Recognition Technology in them.
  • Make robots understand and respond to human facial expressions in an intuitive and natural way.
  • Create therapeutic robots to teach autistic children to recognize facial expressions in people, and help develop important social, concentration and communication skills.

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