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Leverage Real-Time Shopper Analytics.


Retail Customer Experience
Put Customers at the Center of Everything You Do

The Face Analysis Technology from Sightcorp is empowering brick and mortar businesses with real-time, anonymous shoppers’ insights to help them optimize customer experiences and day-to-day retail operations.

  • Get real-time insights in your shoppers’ demographic profile, interest and behaviour
  • Measure your customers satisfaction with our mood detector
  • Get to know who your converted customers are
  • Manage and get insights into your store performance anywhere in the world
  • Spot consumers’ behaviour trends
  • Optimise everything, from shelf-level displays to store layout based on customers’ behaviour
  • Delight your customers with interactive and personalised experiences that will last
  • Cut unnecessary costs and increase sales
  • Boost customer engagement. An engaged customer is a return customer!

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