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  • Securely & Accurately Verify Identities
  • Streamline Access to Buildings, Apps & more
  • 100% Deep Learning-Based Facial Recognition Technology
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Accuracy and Speed of Service

Authorize customers and visitors faster without any hideous document check or long identity verification process. Allow the software to recognize a face and compare it with the given database and based on the result of the search, allow access or deny it.

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Better Personal Data Protection

Our facial recognition software is precisely designed in order to ensure that all of the interactions and transactions are done in a secure and safe manner.

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No Physical Contact Needed

Face Recognition system is touch free and only requires a camera and a face. The software is far more convenient than manual human verification.

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Sightcorp Solutions For
Access Control

Collect customer data in offline environment is not always easy. Rely on our highly performing and accurate Face Analysis software and gain valuable customer insight in real time.

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Save Time
Acquire complete audience data and predict consumers behavior without wasting time in A/B marketing campaigns testing.  
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Optimize Costs
It is no longer necessary to spend extra budget on ineffective advertisements. Get real insights about your audience and their reactions to your content. 
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Engage Your Audience

Analyze impressions of your ad and make sure that your advertising campaigns are delivering the results that you have expected and if your audience reacts positively.

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Maximize ROI

Optimize your campaigns to the best with detailed data reports and adjust advertising messages to deliver a more effective communication.  

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Applicable products​

Sightcorp currently offers two products that carry out Face Recognition:

  • Face Match SDK 
  • FaceMatch API

Face Match is a technology that enables users to verify whether two images of a face belong to the same person. Sightcorp’s Face Match software is designed to help businesses streamline AML and KYC processes and increase compliance. This is useful for, among others, financial institutions that are required to know their customers and obtain, verify, and record KYC information – including information that identifies each individual.

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Software Features
  • Recognize, compare, and verify faces in <1 sec
  • Identify and authenticate people
  • Confirm and Detect liveness of user to prevent fraud
  • Can run on the edge or in the cloud

Face Analysis for Access Control

What is Biometric Access Control?

Biometric access control uses an inherent characteristic of a person – such as face, fingerprint, iris, etc. – to grant access to a building, app, or device, for example.

How Does it Work?
The biometric access control system is linked to a database containing the biometric data of authorized persons. When a person wants to gain access to the system, they present their face, fingerprint, or iris, as the system may require. This data is compared to the database, to determine whether there is a match, and whether access can be granted. With Sightcorp’s FaceMatch face analysis software, biometric data is stored as a faceprint, and not as an image. This means that the biometric data is more secure and cannot be linked to a particular individual without using the FaceMatch software.  
Why Choose Biometric Access Control?

Biometric access control is more convenient for users, since it can eliminate the need to remember passwords and pin codes and the need to carry access tags.*It is also more secure, since passwords and access tags can easily be stolen or shared, while biometric data is much harder to acquire and use without authorization.

*Biometric access control can also be used in conjunction with passwords, pin codes, or access tags as an additional layer of security.

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