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25 March 2016

Skyscanner Offers you Travel Recommendations Based on Your Emotions

Wondering what your next travel destination will be?
Or looking to receive meaningful travel suggestions?

Skyscanner Russia can now make your life easier by offering you travel recommendations based on your mood!
If you are looking sad today, the travel site may suggest you a fun or impressive holiday destination that will cheer you up and challenge your senses and emotional experiences.

The concept behind the Russian Skyscanner’s Emotion Scanner app is that “your face will tell you where to go”. In addition to emotion estimation, the website measures your age in real-time, hence suggesting personalized and relevant travel tips especially targeted to you. All this by using the Face Analysis Technology from Sightcorp.

emotion scanner face analysis sky scanner

Skyscanner is the leading global travel search site which provides a comprehensive and free instant comparison for millions of flights, hotels and car rental services. Users can access the service at www.skyscanner.net.

The era of “one-size fits all” kind of content and service is gone. We are living new times where companies recognize the value creation of engaging their audiences with more humanized content and experiences.

Skyscanner is one of the great innovators out there that is eager to make a difference in people’s lives, benefiting from the capabilities of advanced Face Analysis Technologies:

  • Approaching audiences in more human and personalized ways
  • Engaging more effectively with users
  • Offering improved user experience
  • Enhancing customer satisfaction
How does SkyScanner know how you feel?

The Emotion Scanner app uses the F.A.C.E. API from Sightcorp, our online-based Face Analysis service, to accurately measure users’ emotional status and demographic profiles.
Users are asked to enable their webcams for the pictures to be taken. The system will afterwards process the image and will instantaneously display the face results on the website together with a targeted travel recommendation, as seen in the picture below.
Note that you might need to translate the website pages, as the application is currently available for Skyscanner Russia only.

emotion scanner face analysis sky scanner

If you would like to get more information on the technology behind the Emotion Scanner app, please hit the button below or contact us at sales@sightcorp.com.

We invite you to try the app for yourself and to enjoy your next vacation to the fullest with the relevant tips provided by Skyscanner Russia!

By Sightcorp

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