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Create Personalized Shopping Experiences with Face Analysis

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Face analysis software is poised to completely revolutionize the shopping experience. It is an innovation that gives digital signage the ability to invoke a reaction and provide instant benefits and positive experiences for the user and the retailer.

Retailers, hotels, airports, and restaurants, for example, are now able to reach and engage with consumers in a more dynamic way than ever before. This is all thanks to the technological advancements in digital signage, going from static message boards to dynamic digital displays.

The combination of hardware, software, and connectivity in digital signage allows for targeted promotions that can be switched around in real time.

Adding intelligence to digital signage with face analysis software

To compete with online businesses, brick-and-mortar retailers are embracing smart digital signage, a tool that enables them to engage with customers and provide that extra personal touch. Powered by face analysis software, digital screens are able to provide real-time, anonymous shopper insights in physical stores. These insights enable store owners to optimize customer experiences and day-to-day retail operations based on current data.

With this technology, retailers can now be more informed when it comes to knowing who their shoppers are, at what times of the day they visit the store, and what kind of products they’re buying. They can use this information to deliver highly relevant ads on digital displays aimed at highly targeted audiences. And by measuring how long a shopper, on average, spends looking at an ad or engaging with signage, retailers can get a better idea of whether the content is working or not.

How does face analysis work?

Face analysis software is linked to a camera placed above a digital screen. The camera captures people as they pass in front of the screen, and transmits this footage to the software. The software then uses AI algorithms to detect (and by default blur) faces in the footage and to analyze the faces to determine characteristics such as age, gender, facial expression, and attention time. It then immediately discards the footage. All that is retained by the software is the output of the analysis, in the form of code. 

When face analysis software is integrated with a CMS, personalized content can be dynamically displayed based on the current composition of the audience. This means that the digital signage network can be set up so that if the software detects that the audience is predominantly female and between the ages of 30 and 40, for example, an ad targeting this demographic can be displayed. 

What about privacy?

To address the privacy concerns around face analysis, it is important to understand how this technology works.

When it comes to face analysis, the data captured by the cameras linked to the software is completely anonymous. The software does not store any images captured or save any personal information about the people detected. It also does not recognize any individuals. Some technology, such as Sightcorp’s DeepSight products, goes a step further and incorporates privacy by default by automatically blurring the faces in the video streams. This provides an additional layer of privacy protection to the process. 

How you can enhance your own shoppers’ experiences

Boosting customer engagement is an important goal, because an engaged customer is a returning customer. Sightcorp’s software provides you with real-time insights into your shoppers’ demographic profiles, interests, and behavior, giving you the actionable insights that you need to fully engage your visitors and convert them into customers. Use our face analysis software to get to know who your best customers are, and optimize everything from shelf-level displays to store layout based on your customers’ behavior.

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