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24 January 2019

Create Personalized Shopping Experiences with Face Analysis

Face Analysis software is poised to completely revolutionize the shopping experience. It is an innovation that gives digital signage the ability to invoke a reaction and provide instant benefits and positive experiences for the user and the network owner.

Retailers, hotels, airports, and restaurants, for example, are now able to reach and engage with consumers in a more dynamic way. This is all thanks to the technological advancements in digital signage, going from static message boards to dynamic digital displays. The combination of hardware, software, and connectivity allows targeted promotions that can be renewed or replaced, according to market conditions.

And as much as it’s a fantastic new opportunity, personalized shopping experience was an inevitability, a natural evolution from the tech of the 2010s, growing into the 2020s.

Adding intelligence to digital signage with Face Analysis software

To compete with online businesses, bricks-and-mortar retailers are embracing smart digital signage, a tool that enables them to engage with customers and provide that extra personal touch. Powered Face Analysis software these screens are able to provide real-time, anonymous shopper insights to brick and mortar businesses optimize customer experiences and day-to-day retail operations.

Digital signs linked to cameras, sensors and anonymous analytics software can detect certain traits about a shopper and deliver content tailored to that person’s age, gender, mood, and likely preferences.

With this technology, retailers can now become more intelligent about who their shoppers are, at what times of the day they visit the store and what kind of products they’re buying. Facial Detection and analysis allow retailers to deliver highly relevant ads on digital displays aimed at finely tuned target audiences. Also, by measuring how long a shopper spent looking at an ad or engaging with signage, retailers can get a better idea of whether the content is working or not.

What about privacy?

Privacy concerns are a given when it comes to the topic of face analysis technologies and this is understandable. Of course, no one wants to feel as if Big Brother is watching them. To address these concerns, it is important to understand how face analysis software works.

When it comes to face analysis, the information captured by cameras linked to or embedded in digital signage is completely anonymous. The software does not store any images captured or save personal information about the person or people detected. Therefore, it does not recognize any individuals who come into contact with the screens.

Face Analysis software uses algorithms to analyze this biometric (and other) data to determine, for example, that a person approaching a digital display is likely a 30- to 40-year-old female or that there are a significant number of 25- to 30-year-old males among a crowd.

How we can help

We all want to boost customer engagement because an engaged customer is a returning customer. Our software provides you real-time insights into your shoppers’ demographic profile, interest, and behavior. Get to know who your converted customers are, optimize everything, from shelf-level displays to store layout based on customers’ behavior.

By Sightcorp

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