06 November 2014

Disruptive Technology Reads Visitors’ Emotions at TechCrunch Disrupt London

Sightcorp showcased its interactive Face Analysis Technology at TechCrunch Disrupt London.

It was a great occasion to share our technology solutions with visionary contemporaries, potential partners and investors and enjoy inspiring presentations and enthusiastic feedback on our solutions.

With London being a global center for business and innovation, TechCrunch Disrupt London was the perfect platform for Sightcorp to launch its presence to the broad TechCrunch public.

Our CEO, Jan Pruis, and our CTO, dr. Roberto Valenti, showcased our latest technologies and most recent applications in the Startup Alley.

The Google Glass face reading app is an example that shows the impact of our technology on enabling human-aware devices. Google Glass integrated with our Cloud-based Face Analysis Technology (F.A.C.E. API) is able to read multiple faces, measuring people’s facial expressions, age and gender in real-time. Another appealing application built by students from the Royal College of Arts, London, demonstrated how facial expressions can for instance direct an audio installation, see human-device interaction.

The technologies from Sightcorp provide added value with countless applications, challenging the way companies perceive, understand and interact with people. Our technology delivers the “engine” that encourages companies to bring their creative ideas to life.

Hundreds of people visited the Startup Alley and personally experienced our interactive technologies. For those who didn’t have the opportunity to visit us in London, here is a glimpse of the show.

Sightcorp at TechCrunch Disrupt

Thanks to everyone who passed by our stand and for the great feedback. We will keep in touch.

If you are interested in keeping up with our most recent developments and seeing our technology live, next February we will be at ISE in the Amsterdam RAI, Netherlands. Further information will follow soon, stay tuned!

By Sightcorp

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Sightcorp is an AI software company specialized in developing easy-to-use face analysis and face recognition software. We transform computer vision and deep learning research into commercial solutions that give our customers accurate, real and actionable insights into their audiences. Our audience analytics software can anonymously analyze faces in images, videos, and real-life environments, while our face recognition software assists globally in accurately verifying identities and authenticating users in fields such as Access Control, KYC, and Payment Verification.