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09 September 2019

3 Ways to Super-Charge Your DOOH Advertising with AI-Powered Analytics

Technology driving increased ROI in the digital signage space

With the rapid technological advancements taking place, it’s becoming easier and easier to implement optimized, high-ROI DOOH campaigns. AI is one of the major forces behind these advancements, enabling companies to develop sophisticated audience measurement tools that help advertisers engage their audiences more effectively.

Here are 3 examples of how you can use AI-powered analytics to enhance your DOOH campaigns:

1.Use face analysis software to know who your audience is and gather real-time audience data

With AI-based face analysis software such as Sightcorp’s DeepSight Toolkit or DeepSight SDK, you can accurately measure digital signage ad performance and collect demographic data on your audience.

By installing cameras near your digital signs, and linking them to these types of software programs, you can determine:

  • How many people passed by your ad
  • How many people viewed your ads in a given period
  • How much time people spent looking at your ads
  • The age and gender of the people viewing your ads

With this data at your disposal, you will be able to make informed decisions about what type of ad content to display and when to display it, which will lead to a more engaged audience and a higher ROI.

2. Integrate your analytics software with your CMS

While it’s great to have a wealth of audience data to work with, you also need a practical way to use it. By integrating your audience analytics tool with your CMS, you will be able to use your audience insights to help you deliver relevant content to your audience with ease.

Click here for an example of how you can integrate Sightcorp’s Toolkit with your CMS

3. Display dynamic, tailored content to your audience in real-time

Once you have your Face Analysis Software up and running, and you’ve integrated it with your CMS, you can go one step further in reaching your audience successfully.

You can use the real-time insights that you gain from the software, combined with the CMS integration, to display dynamic content that is tailored to the person or people viewing your digital displays at a specific point in time.

This a great option to explore in quieter environments, such as doctor’s reception areas, where you have a small number of people viewing the display at a time. In busier areas, such as shopping malls, where hundreds of people may see your display in a matter of minutes, it may be better to use aggregated data when deciding what type of content to display.

How to choose an AI-powered audience analytics tool to suit your needs

Now that you know the value of audience analytics software in your DOOH campaign, it’s time to look at what some of your options are.

With the face analysis software solutions from Sightcorp, you have a choice between a ready-to-use product (DeepSight Toolkit) and a set of tools that you can use to develop your own custom-built solution (DeepSight SDK). Here’s a brief overview of what each product can do for you:

DeepSight is 100% deep learning-based, with the ability to detect faces from almost any angle and distance. This gives you the best possible data about your audience so you can make smart decisions about your campaigns.

If you’d like to see these products in action, try them out for two weeks for free

By Sightcorp

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About the Author

Sightcorp is the anonymous audience analytics intelligence specialist for Digital Signage, DOOH, Out of Home Media, and In-Store Analytics. Making lightweight AI edge software solutions that bridge the gap between the online and real world. Providing anonymous in-store analytics to Retailers and powering the DOOH ecosystem with ad performance metrics for advertisers, real-time audience reach for media network owners, and an industry-recognized impression-based currency for programmatic advertising.