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23 March 2019

How Biometric Facial Recognition is improving security

Biometrics have changed the way we do security these days, with technologies like fingerprint recognition commonly used for access to high-security areas such as those involved in high-level government security. However, it is not the most popular biometric security method at present; facial-recognition security is becoming more popular as facial-recognition software is becoming more affordable and more accurate. In this article, we look at how facial recognition is used to improve security and streamline business processes.


What is Facial Recognition?

Facial Recognition is a biometric software application which can identify a person through his or her digital image. When facial-recognition is to be used as part of a biometrics-based security system, individuals allow several digital images or pictures of themselves to be taken, with different facial expressions and at different angles. For verification, the individuals stand in front of the camera for a few seconds, and the resulting image is compared using facial-recognition software to the digital images that have been previously saved on a given database.

The unique facial components of a person that are usually compared are the lip size, cheekbone shape, nose width, jawbone length, eye socket depth and the distance between the eyes, mouth, nose, and the general shape of the face based upon the locations and proportions of the cheekbones, nose mouth, and eye sockets.

For greater security and so that masks cannot be used to try to fool the system, individuals may be asked to smile, blink or nod as they are verified, or facial thermography may be used to measure facial heat.


Facial Recognition and Access Control in buildings

Making sure that buildings are safe from unauthorized entry is essential. You need to install proper security measures to control who enters and exits your building. Biometric Facial Recognition is an advanced and effective tool which offers excellent control and security at your building. Using the Face Match feature, the system identifies a specific person accurately by scanning the person’s facial features, and if it matches the recorded image on the database, access is granted. This allows easy and fast entry for legitimate personnel without having to provide personal details.

Facial Recognition is also reliable as access cards and keys can be copied, borrowed or stolen, but a person cannot change his face. Better still, you can add tighter control measures, by restricting which floors and rooms one can have access to.
Furthermore, this technology allows you to maintain a blacklist; this is a list of people who are banned from entering the building. The system detects such individuals it will alert the security staff immediately.


Facial-Recognition and security for banks

With increasing security challenges, banks and financial institutions are now incorporating biometric security technology into their platforms. The biometric security system is currently to replacing personal identification numbers (PINs) and password protection methods which are easily counterfeited. Facial Recognition is the preferred choice in the financial sector because it can be used to:

  • Face-login: customer can access their accounts using face identification. This will also reveal an impostor trying to access your account.
  • Fraud prevention: The system’s algorithm allows you to logically analyze and collect information from image databases and help recognize fraudsters just steps away from the bank.
  • This technology can also help safeguard vaults and deposit boxes against loots.
  • Streamline KYC processes and increase compliance.

Facial recognition is one of the most popular biometric technologies along with Iris and Fingerprint scanning. The applications of biometric facial recognition are also on the rise and have found their way into many industries. Because it is more secure, functional, reliable and efficient, its dominance will keep growing until every industry has adopted this innovative technology.

By Sightcorp

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