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13 March 2017

Introducing the New Audience Insights Reports that Will Help You Boost Customer Engagement

Knowing your audience just got a whole lot easier!

Today, we are excited to announce a major update to CrowdStats, Audience Analytics Reporting Solution, which includes some great new features and significant improvements.

We’ve already made it possible for you to get real-time insights in your audience’s mood behavior, interest and demographic profile. Now, we’re making it easier and faster than ever to spot trends, so you can turn these insights into data-informed decisions!

No matter what industry you are in, knowing your audience better and engaging with them in more personalized, relevant ways has never been more important. CrowdStats is helping businesses all over the world to understand and engage effectively with their customers, by delivering business intelligence and audience insights data into people count, viewer engagement, mood behavior, age, gender and more. All this translated into beautiful, real-time graphs and visualizations.

We have been listening closely to our customers’ feedback and needs, the reason why our team has worked thoroughly to bring you this latest update and superior dashboard experience.

New Summary Page

The summary page is now the first thing you’ll see when you access your CrowdStats. Here, you’ll find a real-time, quick snapshot of how your project and overall camera locations are performing, which includes your viewing conversion rate and the total number of viewers or opportunities-to-see (OTS) per gender and age brackets. You’ll also be able to instantly spot the increase or decrease rate compared to the previous time frame.

crowdstats display sightcorp

If you want to dive deep into your locations’ performance and audience insights, you can simply access your overall reports by clicking on “Go to Dashboard”.

Improved Audience Analytics Reporting

With the CrowdStats dashboard, you can easily check how your content, products or brand are performing in different locations or get a detailed overview of your audience.

We have introduced several major improvements to the dashboard, which translates into a more intuitive, user-friendly and smoother experience for our users, and to a quicker and easier reading. Not only we are rolling out a new look and feel, but we are also providing you with more optimized and detailed visualizations!

sightcorp crowdstats display diagram graph
What’s new:
  • Refined granularity of the age feature. We have divided the younger group into two age brackets: 0-9 and 10-19
  • Improved customer satisfaction graph. Easily spot your customers’ average mood behavior in your different locations.
  • New feature to zoom in on a specific time frame. Fast and easily visualize how the audience is engaging with the content or campaigns at specific times of the day.
  • All audience insights segmented by location, age, gender, and age and gender data combined, displayed as pie charts.
Use the reports to answer questions like:
  • How many views to my content/product/brand did I get last month?
  • Which demographic group is engaging the most with my brand?
  • Which locations are performing higher and why?
  • Which times of the day show higher mood response and attention to the stimuli?
Demographic and Date Range Filters Menu

You can now easily customize your dashboard data. Simply click on the age/gender field at the top of your dashboard to remove it from the analysis or to re-enable it. This way, you can closely track how your content or brand works for different demographic profiles!

sightcorp crowdstats display diagram graph

You will also find the data range filters on the top menu. Click on the calendar icon to go through the data collected in different days, or visualize the analytics per day, week or month by selecting one of the tabs right next to it.

Make Insight-driven Marketing Decisions

With these major updates to the report dashboard, you will get access to real-time, actionable insights in your audience’s behavior and interest. Leverage these analytics to make well-informed decisions, to display custom and relevant content to the right person at the right time, to improve your store layout or your presentations, and much more. CrowdStats is available on your preferred desktop and mobile operating systems and can be accessed from anywhere, at any time. Yes, we made it that easy for you!

If you are already testing CrowdStats, simply update it to get all-new, powerful features and a simpler, cleaner look. If not, well, then we invite you to try it free for 2 weeks and to see the potential for yourself!

By Sightcorp

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