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23 February 2016

ISE 2016: Audience Analytics is the Next Big Thing in Digital Signage

Yet another great edition of Integrated Systems Europe has come to an end.

Breakthrough experiments and innovations marked Europe’s leading and most impressive showroom for AV, Digital Signage and Integrated Systems, and confirmed what we believe to be a new big trend in the field: Automated Audience Analytics.

For the third time in a row Sightcorp had the pleasure to be part of the tradeshow, this year with a different purpose. The Commercial Solutions Theatre was host to an innovation powered by the Sightcorp Face Analysis Technology in close collaboration with the ISE organizers. The goal: to sense real-time audience engagement and mood behaviour towards the industry presentations and show the value potential of Audience-aware Technologies in boosting sales and engagement to such fields as Digital Signage, Retail, Events, Entertainment Venues and more.

The New Generation of Digital Screens

In today’s fast-paced and competitive market, digital screen providers experience great pressure to keep their brand and content relevant. Advanced Audience Analytics Technologies and Solutions are helping to overcome these challenges by empowering companies with in-depth information about their audience mood and engagement.
A new generation of human-aware screens and devices is emerging and stimulating new business models based on the number of viewers and content performance in different signage locations, with clear benefits for advertising agencies, digital signage providers and consumers.

  • Better informed Marketing decisions
  • Targeted campaigns and content
  • More interactive and intuitive screens
  • Right content delivered at the right time to the right audience
  • Effective engagement with an audience as never seen before.
  • More personalized and meaningful experiences to the audience
  • Happy and loyal customers
Unprecedented Audience Measurements at ISE

Sightcorp has provided unique audience measurement capabilities at the Commercial theater in the Digital Signage hall.

IMG_1816Cameras were positioned on strategic points across the theater, addressing two main purposes. Firstly, we aimed to accurately track the frontal faces of the audience in order to capture their mood and attention to presentations in real-time. The analysis of their engagement levels (CrowdEngage) allowed to spot the overall theater’s performance, including the highs and lows of each presentation and during the days of the show.

IMG_1142Secondly, we measured the number of visitors entering the theater through the two possible sideways (CrowdCount) and the number of passers-by which didn’t engage. The demographic profiles of the theater attendees were measured in real-time, allowing to identify the most represented age and gender groups. This information empowers ISE with valuable insights about their audience profiles, and the effectiveness of their theatre location and agenda.

CrowdStats is the disruptive tool behind these experiments. Built on top of our advanced Face Analysis Technology, CrowdStats Audience Analytics offers companies an intelligent and easy-to-use reporting solution which delivers information on people count, viewers count, as well as the mood, attention, age and gender group of an audience in real-time. All this while respecting the users’ privacy.IMG_1802

The audience measurement results were displayed in an intuitive online dashboard at the Sightcorp booth (8-N332), alongside with our CrowdSight crowd face analysis technology demo.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us at for any further information or to discuss what’s in it for you.

A huge thank you to everyone who passed by our booth and to the ISE organizers for a great show! Looking forward to seeing you all again next year!

The Sightcorp Team

By Ana Sofia Goncalves

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