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Meet “FACE” the AI Kiosk

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In 2018, Artificial Intelligence is all around us. Areas such as retail, advertising, automotive, medicine and social media are already introducing new inventions and functionalities powered by AI. Face analysis and recognition such as offered by Sightcorp is just one example of its utility in the everyday world. AI is predicted to replace or improve existing ways of identification, placing orders and paying.

Scientists and developers from all over the world are informing about the various uses of AI for instance in retail environments. According to Georges Nahon (CEO, Orange Silicon Valley) “the face will be the new credit card, the new driver’s license and the new barcode. Facial recognition is already completely transforming security with biometric capabilities being adopted, and seeing how tech and retail are merging, I can see a near future where people will no longer need to stand in line at the store.”

A few food chains are already proving the validity of this claim. Earlier this year, a California burger chain started a pilot with a self-ordering kiosk using face recognition technology to store and retrieve customer’s favourite orders. This ‘smart’ kiosk can recall your order preferences based on your unique facial features. You can also pay for your meal with your face directly at the kiosk. Now that’s what we call convenience!

This project is still in pilot phase but it won’t be long before such kiosks become the standard equipment of every fast-food restaurant. So next time you order at your favourite restaurant, there’s no need to mention ‘no tomato’ on that burger.

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