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28 June 2014

Knowledge-Sharing with the local community

Our office location in Amsterdam offers us a whole range of advantages, not only because the city is a strategic global center for business and trade but also for its multi-cultural, social environment. Amsterdam is full of life and diversity, and it is a great place for creative minds, visionary leaders, entrepreneurs and start-ups like ours. There is a unique mix of creativity, technology innovation, scientific development, futurism, sustainability and healthy competition that makes this city the place to be.

It is one of our goals to be part of the community by attending and participating in local events. It gives us the opportunity to meet inspiring people, discover great local projects, exchange ideas and visions, and to share our knowledge about the innovative technology we provide.

On June 12th, our CTO, dr Roberto Valenti, had the pleasure to give a talk at the Applied Machine Learning meetup group here in Amsterdam.

The Machine Learning Meetup is organized by and dedicated to enthusiasts of applied machine learning. The sessions bring academic and business knowledge together, covering all aspects of the field such as research, models and model development, implementation and deployment.


We brought our computer vision and applied machine learning knowledge to the session. Roberto talked about the entire process of retrieving and analyzing human facial features and attributing a meaning to it. For instance, it is possible to understand when a user smiles and feels happy by tracking some points of the face, such as the movement of the mouth corners and the lifting of the cheeks.

Additionally, the main differences with classical object recognition techniques and common issues related to the field were also covered.

Sightcorp has been bringing computer vision and machine learning applications to life, which are able to perform the analysis of people’s facial expressions, age, gender, attention, and more, in real-time. The system is trained to track and recognize faces, retrieving relevant behavior information from individuals or multiple people simultaneously in controlled or uncontrolled environments.


Have a look at several typical applications in our showroom.

Thanks to all the participants and dedicated organizers for a great evening and networking! Looking forward to seeing you again.

By Sightcorp

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