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03 May 2018

DSE 2018 takeaways

Didn’t make it to the Digital Signage Expo (DSE) this year? Here are some main points you might want to remember.

DSE celebrated its 15th year with a crowd approaching 5,000 participants on its largest show floor ever. The exhibitors consisted of companies showcasing next-gen technology such as holographic projections, VR responsive content, and smarter analytics tools.

Apart from screens that seems to be getting bigger and brighter with each year, many software companies have joined the exhibition floor with their audience measurement solutions. The opening speech by Kym Frank, Geopath President, revolved around the need for quality data and the fact that metrics will soon become critical for the success of DOOH business in the coming years.

This suggests that the industry trends are racing towards data analytics software. As Alan Brawn, founder of Brawn Consulting claimed in his interview, the future of digital advertising is all about knowing your audience and creating unique experiences.

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By Sightcorp

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