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14 February 2020

Product Announcement: Introducing New features for DeepSight

We are excited to announce new functionalities and features added to our Face Analysis software DeepSight. Keep reading to find out more about the latest improvements.

DeepSight for Android (Beta)

Our DeepSight SDK is now available on a new platform: Android!

The DeepSight SDK is a face analysis library based on our latest proprietary Deep Learning models with best-in-class accuracy and performance. DeepSight can detect faces from any angle & distance and perform accurate demographic analysis on the edge!

With this new release our clients from the Digital Signage industry can easily add audience analytics to their existing media players and screens.

Preferred Android system:

  • 64-bit devices
  • OS version 4.1 and higher
Toolkit with aggregated data

With the new release of our DeepSight Toolkit we added a new way to consume data. Previously the Toolkit would output only raw data in JSON or CSV formats. With the new version you have access to ready to use pre-crunched results which show data for each person.

The push mechanism within the Toolkit can push the data in JSON format at customizable frequency (e.g. every 5 minutes). This can be used to feed audience insights directly into any Cloud-based content management system or a dashboard. The aggregated data is also available in CSV format which is stored locally on the device and can be used for further data analysis.

Want to know more about what the Toolkit can offer?


Toolkit Visualizer – new and better!

We have upgraded our Toolkit Visualizer with new audience metrics such as number of impressions, number of viewers, dwell time, attention per play and more! The Visualizer is a complimentary tool that comes free with the DeepSight Toolkit. Visualize your audience data quick & easy with this offline solution designed for any type of user.


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By Sightcorp

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