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Announcing New Releases for FaceMatch

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Coming soon: Facematch LiveCheck

Impersonation attacks, where a genuine user’s face is used by another person to gain access to a secure (digital) space is one of the most common and worrisome challenges for Facial Recognition systems. Be certain that the person you are verifying is alive and not a representation of that person in the form of an image, print-out, a screen, a video or a mask.

Sightcorp LiveCheck is designed to help FaceMatch SDK clients detect & confirm liveness of their end users to rule out any spoof attacks. SDK customers are able to configure their own liveness detection check with the sample included in FaceMatch SDK. The number of actions to be checked is configurable, the sequence of challenges is completely random and for extra safety, the user can be asked to perform multiple random gestures in a sequence

How does it work?

LiveCheck asks users to perform a random sequence of motions with the head and asks the user to smile on command. The FaceMatch software verifies if the sequence has been performed properly by the end user before a user is certified as “alive”. In case the LiveCheck is not passed the user will be provided with feedback to explain which motions didn’t match the instructions.

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FaceMatch Lite API

Be certain that two images are of the same person with our FaceMatch Lite API service. Manually upload two images in jpeg and/or png format on a username and password protected website and instantly get a response.

The Lite API draws a bounding box around the detected faces and returns a percentage similarity score together with a qualification based on predefined thresholds. A coloured bar visualizes the similarity score and is accompanied by our predefined classification of the match, based on the following similarity thresholds:

  • Red; no match 0-52%
  • Orange; fair match 53-66%
  • Green; good match 67-100%

How does it work?

Our FaceMatch software detects the face in each image and converts the face into a unique FacePrint. Then, the software calculates the distance between those two FacePrints. The closer the distance, the more similar the two faces are. Please note: The Lite API does not store any images. It discards them as soon as the faces are detected and converted into FacePrints, which can never be re-engineered into original images.

The Lite API service is a perfect tool for smaller users who are looking to compare and verify two images at a time.  Ask us for a subscription based on your expect usage volumes!

Facematch 1 - Release

FaceMatch SDK as a Service

Use any programming language, such as C#, Python, JavaScript or Java etc. for application development with FaceMatch SDK (C++). Our FaceMatch SDK as a Service enables customers to call on all the functions of FaceMatch SDK using HTTP(S) requests written in their own preferred programming language while everything operates local.

The HTTP request functions relate one-to-one with the SDK functions and include face detection, face print computation, face comparison, and all the database functions. Samples and documentation to use this service are included in the FaceMatch SDK download

Facematch 2 - release

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