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What’s New within the Sightcorp Team

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Our Team is Growing!

Over the past few months, we welcomed 6 new members to the Sightcorp team:

New team members


We look forward to reaching new heights together!


R&D Talks

Our R&D team is always keen to expand their skills and share their knowledge, and recently two team members gave interesting talks at industry events. (Benelux’s largest online shopping platform)

Our Lead Deep Learning Engineer, Robert-Jan Bruintjes, gave a talk on Face Analysis through Deep Learning at an AI Meetup at In his presentation, he showed how Deep Learning has revolutionized computer vision for face detection, which is the first step in face analysis and face identification. Click here for the full video!

Data Science Amsterdam

And here is a picture of Tsvetelina Ikonomova giving a talk at Data Science Amsterdam on 28 May 2019, where the overall topic of the event was The Role of a Machine Learning Engineer and Bias in AI and Anomalies in Income Data:


Tsvetelina Ikonomova giving a talk at Data Science Amsterdam on 28 May 2019


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