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08 July 2021

OOHMA brings Sightcorp Facial Analytics Software and Intuiface Content Delivery Platform for DOOH into Indian Market

OOHMA Multimedia Private Limited has entered into a partnership with Sightcorp to provide audience analytics intelligence for Digital Out-of-home Media using demographic profiling and face analysis for DOOH – both for Outdoor and Indoor inventory for the Indian market. This one-of-its-kind technology which is unique to India through the partnership between OOHMA and Sightcorp aims to bring more transparency and efficiency to DOOH media by leveraging on programmatic selling. 

“Currently, there is very limited measurement taking place around the reach and effectiveness of out-of-home advertising, however, publishers need this data to make data-driven decisions on how they are going to price and distribute their ad space while also meeting the growing global demand for campaign performance data from their customers. With partnerships like this one, we are facilitating the adoption at scale by providing ad performance metrics in an accessible and easy format.” – Joyce Caradonna, CEO, Sightcorp.

By adding computer vision and real-time analytics to existing digital-signage assets, network owners unlock new opportunities for maximizing and monetizing the audience reach of each display and they can introduce new revenue streams using impression-based rather than location-based sales models. Brands can design and deliver highly contextual campaigns to their target audiences and count the numbers of true viewers generated by each content.

Last year, Sightcorp also entered into an agreement with French based Intuiface, the provider of a no-code platform for the creation, deployment, and analytics of interactive digital content, to integrate facial analysis and audience measurement with their platform. By combining these technologies, the two companies have created a complete solution that can be implemented to any DOOH screen and any use case ranging from retail stores, supermarkets, shopping malls, hospitality venues to corporate signage and airports. OOHMA will be responsible for distributing this solution across various retail outlets and other high traffic venues all over India.

The solution works on a one-to-one or a one-to-many basis. For one-to-one scenarios it can be used to create highly targeted and interactive experiences for users of digital kiosks, self-service stations, or wayfinding totems. In one-to-many scenarios brands and advertisers can serve their ad content to specific demographic groups and accurately measure its effectiveness in terms of impressions, viewers and their attention time. Media buyers can finally quantify and qualify their audience segments, measure content engagement and effectiveness in real-time and trigger audience-specific content which identifies and reacts to different viewer attributes (e.g. mood or face masks).

“With growing demand for DOOH, audience measurement is quickly becoming a key for the brands to derive value and ROI from DOOH campaigns. Our solution shall definitely bring revolutionary change in how DOOH is measured and delivered in absolute terms.” – Ashutosh Sharma, Founder and Director of OOHMA



OOHMA, is a media representation and aggregation company based in New Delhi, India. Their goal is to bring together Media owners, Buyers and Outdoor Advertising Agencies on one platform to build a sustainable business and implement its carefully designed plans to edify business reach of media owners and media seekers. OOHMA also represents and holds rights for exclusive distribution of various outdoor media sites across India.

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Sightcorp is the anonymous audience analytics intelligence specialist for Digital Signage, DOOH, Out of Home Media, and In-Store Analytics. Making lightweight AI edge software solutions that bridge the gap between the online and real world. Providing anonymous in-store analytics to Retailers and powering the DOOH ecosystem with ad performance metrics for advertisers, real-time audience reach for media network owners, and an industry-recognized impression-based currency for programmatic advertising.