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26 July 2019

Who is Grassfish, and what do they do?

Grassfish provides retailers and other customers with reliable and flexible in-store solutions to connect and interact with their customers, deliver targeted content and improve customer experience. Their digital signage solutions enable clients to display dynamic content based on the real-time demographics of their audience in the right place and at the right time.

The Grassfish CMS makes controlling a digital signage network very simple. With the use of audience data, it allows users to display their content to the right people that pass by their digital signs. At the same time, all analyzed audience data is captured in an easy-to-use dashboard.


How do Sightcorp products integrate with Grassfish?

Grassfish CMS uses Sightcorp’s CrowdSight Toolkit to detect the demographics of people viewing their digital signs. CrowdSight Toolkit supplies the CMS and dashboard with people count, age, gender, and facial expression data, which is in turn used to tailor the displayed content in real-time.


How can you benefit from this integration?

The integration between Grassfish CMS and CrowdSight Toolkit allows you to rely on accurate audience data to deliver carefully tailored content to your customers at the right moment. This not only enhances your customers’ experience, but also boosts brand awareness and retention and increases the value and ROI that you generate from your digital campaigns.


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