26 June 2019

Partner Integration: Skyfii

Skyfii is a global software technology company with offices in Australia (HQ), United Kingdom, North America, South America and South Africa providing analytics and data-driven marketing products. Skyfii develops a suite of customer analytics and communications tools that are built specifically for the needs of businesses with physical venues. Their solutions include reporting platforms for visualization of data from different sources, for instance, Wi-Fi tracking, people counting, demographic analysis and more. With their products, they aim to help businesses improve the customer experience for shoppers, travelers, hotel guests, students, and more.


How do Sightcorp products integrate with Skyfii?

Skyfii has integrated Sightcorp’s CrowdSight Toolkit with their existing People Counters Report, which allows you to view and segment your visitors according to their demographics data – all in one user-friendly location.


How can you benefit from this integration?

With the use of almost any camera, you can anonymously detect and analyze the demographic profiles of your visitors and ingest, visualize, and segment your crowd data in real time in an easy-to-use interface. This integration enables you to gain a deeper understanding of your visitors and to derive actionable insights from your data.


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By Sightcorp

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