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Partner Integration: SmartGate

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SmartGate is a managed service provider for omni-data visitor and venue insights and engagement in the retail and digital signage space. Their cloud-based solution works with their clients’ existing marketing and operations data, while also integrating with a variety of third-party data sources to create a single system of records on customer behavior and dynamic multi-channel engagement

These third-party data sources include advertising networks, point of sale, video sensors that allow for face analysis, CRM plus GDPR-compliant Wi-Fi tracking that allows for counting visitors and gathering data on visitor flow within a given area.

They deliver a fully managed and installed solution that enables their clients to understand the user experience of their customers and measure the performance of their venues providing predictive forecasting and trade area analysis coupled with dynamic personalized engagement campaigns across email, SMS, digital signage, mobile App and more, all displayed within a single dashboard.


How do Sightcorp products integrate with SmartGate?

SmartGate integrated Sightcorp’s CrowdSight Toolkit into their Cloud-based analytics dashboard to deliver world-class retail analytics, engagement, and demographic visualization in a single solution. CrowdSight Toolkit provides metrics such as people count, age, gender, and customer satisfaction data to further enhance SmartGate’s existing analytics capabilities.


How can you benefit from this integration?

With the integration between SmartGate and Sightcorp, you have access to a full solution for analytics and engagement. This solution enables you to access end-to-end insights into your customers, which you can use to personalize content for increased engagement, segment customers and automatically engage them on new channels, re-engage customers at the right moments, and ultimately increase audience understanding and revenue.

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