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U.S. patent granted!

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We are proud to announce that an exclusive patent No.: US9924865B2 has been granted for one of our gaze inventions. This invention is the result of combined hard work of Sightcorp and the University of Amsterdam. The patent concerns the method for estimating gaze from a set of eye measurement points that are indicative of a gaze pattern of an individual participant viewing a scene.

The term ‘gaze pattern‘ stands for the spatial distribution of gaze points with respect to the scene. The eye measurements can be calibrated automatically according to another user viewing therefore the users do not need to actively participate in the calibration procedure. During calibration, participants are usually asked to focus their gaze on certain points in a scene while images of their eyes are captured. This procedure is usually impractical and impossible to carry out in real-life settings such as the retail environment. This invention solves that issue by automatic self-calibration based on predetermined set of statistical data

‘The age of VR and AR will be blurring the boundaries between the real and the digital world. Understanding human attention within these worlds will require adaptive technologies, able to self calibrate, to both achieve the highest accuracy and deliver the most natural user experience. We are proud to introduce our gaze technology to the US market.’ Roberto Valenti, CTO at Sightcorp.

We are proud of our research team for this accomplishment and for continuously developing and improving our technology with unique features!

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