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16 July 2014

Sightcorp F.A.C.E. API Beta is live!

We are proud to announce that Sightcorp F.A.C.E. – the Face Analysis Cloud Engine – Open Beta is live.

You can now start testing the beta version of our Web API and easily build your own smart applications using our Face Analysis Technologies.

The service is available free of charge during the beta period. With F.A.C.E., you are able to detect faces in images uploaded through the web and to retrieve relevant information from them, like:

  • 6 universal facial expressions (happiness, surprise, disgust, anger, fear, and sadness)
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Head Pose
  • Mood
  • Clothing style


Here you have a few quick steps in order to get started:
1. Go to https://face.sightcorp.com/signup/
2. Fill out the application form to create your own account on the portal;
3. You will receive an email from us including the access to your API key.

On our portal you can find all the technical documentation that will help you to get started with the Web API. You can also contact our dedicated IT team at support@sightcorp.com.

We are still expanding and enhancing our platform to better serve your needs and for that your feedback will be much appreciated. So feel free to drop us a line with your comments and suggestions.

Contact us at info@sightcorp.com for more information.

By Sightcorp

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Sightcorp is an AI software company specialized in developing easy-to-use face analysis and face recognition software. We transform computer vision and deep learning research into commercial solutions that give our customers accurate, real and actionable insights into their audiences. Our audience analytics software can anonymously analyze faces in images, videos, and real-life environments, while our face recognition software assists globally in accurately verifying identities and authenticating users in fields such as Access Control, KYC, and Payment Verification.