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25 June 2020

Sightcorp launches Face Mask Detection software in response to C19 regulations

In recent months, countries have been taking steps to return to normal daily proceedings and as a precaution to ensure the containment of the pandemic, the continued wearing of Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) has become a requirement. The requirement to wear a face mask differs from country to country, with some countries like Italy even issuing fines to those who do not abide by mask-wearing guidelines. Masks are now globally a requirement at airports, on public transport and anywhere within a confined public space where a 1,5-meter distance cannot be held. 

Sightcorp has launched a new product feature; real-time face mask detection, this week in order to support the communication efforts of business owners to ensure the upholding of safety regulations. We added this feature as an addition to our A.I powered Crowd Analysis software for retail and digital signage, DeepSight. The new Mask Detection software, designed by our in-house R&D team, builds upon and compliments our already successful face analysis product. Through deep learning and updated algorithms, the software can now successfully detect the presence of individuals or crowds wearing face masks, to a high degree of accuracy and is spoof proof. This information can then be used to actively inform and remind the public of mask policy guidelines via digital screens. The information can also be used to deny access when used in an access control scenario. As there seems to be no common consensus as to what type of face mask is being worn, the software has been fine-tuned to detect all types of masks and produce optimum detection results.  

Face Analysis and face mask detection 

Sightcorp’s state-of-the-art Face Analysis software and face mask detection in combination with fever detection cameras can create the ideal solution for businesses to ensure secure access to their premises through the integration of access control kiosks and gate controls. People can return to work with confidence while maintaining their own safety. 

Occupancy Monitoring Solution 

Sightcorp has also created an occupancy monitoring solution that helps manage footfall and occupancy 

levels within stores and businesses. 

The AI-powered solution uses sensors, digital displays, Intel® Core™ i3 Mini PC and deep learning to anonymously count and keep track of how many individuals are entering premises, while simultaneously displaying digital ads and access control messages in a ‘stop and go’ format to customers. More information on the solution can be found here. 

Audience analytics with face masks 

Face mask regulations pose a new problem for traditional facial analysis systems that use facial features and landmarks for estimations. The covering of facial landmarks, such as the nose and mouth, has the potential to be detrimental to the accuracy of audience analytics and affect data such as consumer age, gender and mood. However, Sightcorp has accounted for this problem by re-training the deep learning models and ensuring that our crowd analysis product can continue with counting and categorizing audiences even when they are wearing masks. 

Second wave of COVID still likely 

With travel bans being lifted and many public venues reopening, the number of COVID cases is expected to rise for the second time according to some prognoses. Sightcorp’s face mask detection feature can be conveniently turned on and off at any stage, allowing businesses to adapt to any changes in policies as they evolve. 

Mask detection system – In practice 

The new technology created by Sightcorp can be used to firstly detect a face, then determine if a face mask is present and from there it can provide conclusive data for an alert to be sent out in real-time. The alert can be sent to an access control gate or to a digital screen actively informing any individuals who are not wearing a mask (click here to learn more about our smart store traffic light solution for occupancy monitoring with mask detection). The face mask detection technology is integration friendly which makes it easy to combine with other technologies to provide monitoring services and to improve customer experience. 

“I am happy that our team was able to respond and act quickly in the development of our face mask detection software. With this addition to our audience analytics product, we are glad to support businesses in creating a safer environment in an efficient and cost-effective way.” 

– Joyce Caradonna, CEO Sightcorp 


Sightcorp is a Member of the Intel® IoT Solutions Alliance. A global ecosystem of more than 800 industry leaders, the Alliance offers its Members unique access to Intel® technology, expertise, and go-to-market support—accelerating deployment of best-in-class solutions. 

For more information about our mask detection technology please contact us below. 

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