03 December 2014

Sightcorp Launches Unprecedented Audience Mood Sensing Experiment at TEDxAmsterdam

What if technology could give you real-time insight on how your audience experience your presentations?

On November 28, TEDxAmsterdam proved to be at the forefront of the latest market innovations, by offering disruptive technology applications which could sense and interact with the audience.

A major highlight of this year’s TEDx show held at Staddschouwburg theater in Amsterdam, was the exciting Mood Sensing experiment organized by Dell, in cooperation with Sightcorp and Handmade UX.

Quantified Crowd_TEDx

Images captured through sophisticated infra-red cameras were analyzed by Face Analysis Technology provided by Sightcorp. The goal: to sense and track the mood of the audience present in the venue. All data were processed anonymously, and turned into statistics and graphs.

During each talk, the audience unique emotional response and engagement (attention level) was measured in real-time. A live report was displayed on screens placed across the venue, allowing the audience to spot the highlights of each stage presentation, categorized per gender and age groups.

Mood Sensing technology is able to bring added value to entertainment shows and presentations, by providing in-depth insight of how talks are experienced by the audience, to identify the highlights of the shows, and by helping speakers to better understand and engage with their audience.

This is the first time that such technology is applied to sense the mood of people at TEDx Talks.

In the future, this technology has the potential to pervade public events and contests, as well as being used in education and eLearning to monitor the attention and mood of students.


About Sightcorp

Sightcorp is an independent spin-off from the Intelligent Systems Lab, Faculty of Science, University of Amsterdam, co-founded by Jan Pruis (CEO), Dr. Roberto Valenti (CTO, inventor), and Prof. dr. Theo Gevers (CSO, professor in computer vision).

Sightcorp is a pioneer in real-time measurement of facial expressions like happiness, anger and surprise (Mood Sensing), combined with age, gender, head gaze, and precise eye tracking functionality.

Sightcorp has been able to transform facial analysis algorithms and technology into highly comprehensive, versatile software solutions that are available across all popular platforms, including mobile. Sightcorp software makes it possible to understand people’s interest, profiles and deep subconscious responses to stimuli in varying circumstances, with applications in business verticals like Market Research, Digital Signage, Human Behavior Analysis, Robotics, and more. Look for more information on

By Sightcorp

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Sightcorp is an AI software company specialized in developing easy-to-use face analysis and face recognition software. We transform computer vision and deep learning research into commercial solutions that give our customers accurate, real and actionable insights into their audiences. Our audience analytics software can anonymously analyze faces in images, videos, and real-life environments, while our face recognition software assists globally in accurately verifying identities and authenticating users in fields such as Access Control, KYC, and Payment Verification.