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03 May 2018

Sightcorp Partners with Cameleon for Real-time Face Analysis of Shoppers’ Behavior

Sightcorp is pleased to announce the new partnership with the Cameleon Group from France.

The Cameleon Group is a leading cross-channel merchandising agency for the Retail market in France. The company is at the forefront of creating solutions that provide innovative User Experience in shops. They design, produce, install and maintain physical and electronic solutions that enhance the Out-of-Home User Experience.

“This is the kind of partnership that provides a perfect fit between the retail solutions offered by Cameleon, and the real-time mood measurement technology engine provided by Sightcorp” said Jan Pruis, CEO from Sightcorp.

With the Sightcorp mood estimation solutions, Cameleon will now be better able to also measure the response of shoppers to the products, shelves and advertising materials on display.

Cameleon is using CrowdSight SDK, the crowd face analysis software from Sightcorp, for a more in-depth analysis of the in-store shopping experience and behavior. With CrowdSight, the cameras displayed at the diverse retail points are able to detect multiple faces simultaneously and retrieve relevant information from shoppers, like their age, gender, emotional reactions or attention to the different stimuli inside the store, such as products and advertising messages. This provides Cameleon clients with a better understanding of their customers, therefore, being able to make better informed marketing decisions, to personalize their content and to create more competitive campaigns.

‘We’re very excited to be able to integrate the advanced interactive face analysis technologies from Sightcorp in ​to​ our solution portfolio’ said Damien Petit, Directeur Agence Cameleon.

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