22 July 2021

Partner Solution: Staying safe in the office with Sightcorp and Grassfish!

Our integrated partner Grassfish, has used Deepsight’s face mask detection in their latest innovative solution, a smart vending & pick up solution with face mask detection built in. The additional feature has been designed to help during the COVID 19 pandemic, by checking if employees or people passing by the vending machine are wearing masks in locations where it is mandatory to do so. If a mask is absent, individuals are then alerted using the large digital screen embedded in the vending machine and encouraged to order a mask directly from the machine itself. 

The solution helps with compliance, especially in large corporate buildings where health measures must be prioritized to ensure the safety of office workers. In terms of large scale deployments, the solution is easily scalable and very cost effective, making it a feasible option when investing in Covid prevention solutions. The vending machines are also fully autonomous and are available in many languages which is ideal for international based workspaces.

Anonymous and Robust Face Mask Detection

The vending machines utilize our fully anonymous and privacy proof face mask detection technology which has been created with privacy by design to ensure individual identity protection and works in real-time. 

As there are many variations on the type of masks people wear, the software has been built to detect all types and can even detect when someone is not wearing their mask correctly for example when only covering the mouth and not the nose and chin. The software is also spoof proof which means that it is able to identify when someone is covering their face with an object other than a mask such as a hand or scarf. 

Image 1.1 Demonstration

face mask recognition example

Image shows how the mask detector works

Multipurpose Vending: More than face mask detection

The face mask detection software is easily adjustable, meaning that it can be turned on and off, making it perfect to adjust as regulations change. The recommendations around mask wearing are beginning to ease in certain countries, however one common consensus seems to be that they shall remain in highly populated buildings and services, such as workplaces and train stations etc. If the restrictions do further relax then the smart vending machine solution can be used to sell other products relevant to the workspace such as chargers, HDMI cables, keyboards, etc. 

The smart vending and pickup solution allows employees to get essential working equipment quickly and conveniently from their office location and at the same time, it adds 24/7 availability to employee pick-up services without adding cost and resources. Our face mask detection feature offers employees an additional, important measure to feel safe in the office.

Additionally, our face analysis product DeepSight can be utilized for user measurement and personalization purposes. The technology is able to anonymously detect the age and gender of a person using or standing in front of the vending machine and reactively display targeted content or tailored product suggestions in real-time to the individual. 

About Grassfish

Grassfish Marketing Technologies is an Austrian-based digital signage software company founded in 2005 by Roland Grassberger. It is the leading company for digital retail and communication solutions in the DACH region. In 2021, the business unit Smart Vending was officially founded under the leadership of Slavica Ristic. Starting from the question of why companies with a shortage of skilled professionals continue to waste the time of their existing IT staff by handing out headsets, she found a suitable solution: the Smart Dispensing Solution. Employees pick up their IT equipment 24/7, either spontaneously or preordered via an integration into the customer’s ordering & ticket systems. With this and modular hardware any client’s use case can be processed. This relieves the IT staff, reduces process costs and contributes to a modern office infrastructure.

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