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Sightcorps partner AECOM wins the innovation award at CREATEC Japan

Sightcorp’s partner AECOM wins the Innovation award @ CEATEC JAPAN!

We are happy to announce the winner of CEATEC's Industrial IoT Innovation award: AECOM! AECOM has been using Sightcorp's technology, more specifically the CrowdSight SDK, to create a new software application Beesight combining Face Analysis with people counting. This software can...
Image Face Analysis Technology in Airports

Airport of the Future: Sightcorp Partners with Scarabee for Improved Customer Experience and Satisfaction

Press Release Airport of the Future: Face Analysis Technology to enable interactive Passenger Engagement and improved Customer Satisfaction. Amsterdam/Schiphol Airport, June 11, 2015 - Today, Scarabee Group and Sightcorp signed a strategic partnership agreement covering their...
Sightcorp and Cameleon Partnership

Sightcorp Partners with Cameleon for Real-time Face Analysis of Shoppers’ Behavior

Sightcorp is pleased to announce the new partnership with the Cameleon Group from France. The Cameleon Group is a leading cross-channel merchandising agency for the Retail market in France. The company is at the forefront of creating solutions that provide innovative User...