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29 June 2015

TEDxBratislava to Measure your Mood and Attention to Talks

Next Saturday, July 4, 2015, Slovakia will welcome several of the world’s most charismatic speakers at another edition of the renowned TEDx events. Place of action is the Slovak National Theatre in the city of Bratislava. Following the success of the exciting Audience Mood measurement at TEDxAmsterdam last November 2014, TEDxBratislava will offer the same unique audience assessment which will allow TEDx organizers and speakers to see the immediate emotional impact of their talks on the audience.

It’s our pleasure to confirm that Sightcorp is back at TEDx to enable this innovative service in Bratislava, on invitation by Dell.

The TEDx Talks are local events that offer innovative, creative and influential speakers a platform to give a short outstanding talk (18 minutes or less) and share eye-catching ideas in the space of Technology, Entertainment and/or Design. The full program of TEDxBratislava is available HERE.


Impact of Face Analysis Technology on Entertainment Events

New technologies allow people to be active participants rather than passive viewers, by highly encouraging a scenario of a two-way communication in which both audiences and companies/speakers mutually benefit from each other.
In the fields of Public Presentations and Events, the benefits are many. For instance, speakers are able to:

  • Get valuable insights of how their public performances are experienced by the audience, through real-time measurement of their mood and attention level to the talk.
  • Enhance their public speeches in order to better engage and interact with their audience
  • Be more effective with their message
  • Event organizers can adopt more successful business models and Marketing strategies.

From the audience point-of-view, this is translated into:

  • More interactive and unique experiences
  • More relevant and valuable content which is pitched to them
  • New levels of engagement with speakers and performances.
How Quantified Crowd Works

The Quantified Crowd is an interactive Mood Sensing experiment organized by Dell, in cooperation with Sightcorp and Handmade UX, which was firstly seen at TEDxAmsterdam. With the help of simple cameras placed at the venue, images of the audience are captured and automatically analyzed by the Face Analysis Technology provided by Sightcorp. The goal: to sense and track the mood and interest of the audience.

All data is processed anonymously, and turned into statistics and graphs which are displayed in a live online dashboard. During each talk, the audience unique emotional response and engagement (attention level) is measured in real-time, allowing to spot the highlights of each stage presentation, categorized per gender and age groups.

Tune into our online dashboard on the 4th of July for live reports during the TEDxBratislava event. Stay up-to-date as we will be sharing the dashboard link soon as well as more updates on social media!


For now, and if you are interested in understanding more about the Audience Analytics technologies we are bringing to TEDxBratislava, please click on the button below.

By Sightcorp

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