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How Facial Recognition is used in Healthcare

When it comes to face recognition in healthcare and other verticals, many still link the technology to some form of security surveillance and detection of fraudsters based on their facial matching profile. In healthcare, there is a much bigger need than just using the technology for security. In this article, we highlight how facial recognition is improving the healthcare industry. Challenges faced by healthcare professionals Accurate patient identification in hospitals has always been a subject of discussion and has recently gained momentum due to the urgency of rapid digitization of the healthcare industry. Hospitals have increased their interoperability, which has Lire la suite

How Biometric Facial Recognition is improving security

Biometrics have changed the way we do security these days, with technologies like fingerprint recognition commonly used for access to high-security areas such as those involved in high-level government security. However, it is not the most popular biometric security method at present; facial-recognition security is becoming more popular as facial-recognition software is becoming more affordable and more accurate. In this article, we look at how facial recognition is used to improve security and streamline business processes. What is Facial Recognition? Facial Recognition is a biometric software application which can identify a person through his or her digital image. When facial-recognition Lire la suite

Face Recognition vs Face Detection: What’s the difference?

Ever wonder what the difference is between Face Recognition and Face Detection? Well, you’re not alone. In fact, in our industry, we find that face recognition and face detection are two terms that are commonly misunderstood and as a result, tend to be used interchangeably. If you do a quick Google search, you’ll see exactly what we mean. In this article, we will shed light on these two technologies and give you an overview of what they do. What came first, detection or recognition? In recent years, face recognition has owned a significant amount of consideration and is appreciated as the Lire la suite

Why Facial Recognition Is Important For Banking Services

Over the last decade, we have seen an increase in the use of technology in many business sectors to simplify and better engage customers. This is especially true in the banking and finance sector. Since the start of the digital revolution facial recognition has been gaining prominence over touch and type based interactions due to the convenience it offers without compromising on the security of transactions. In this article the reasons why Facial Recognition technology is important for financial institutions. The rise of Facial Recognition in banking Despite an increase in the use of EMV cards (Europay, MasterCard, Visa) coupled Lire la suite

5 Reasons Why You Need Eye Tracking For Your Website

Have you ever wondered how visitors view and use your website? Eye Tracking allows us to literally see through a user’s eyes. It serves as a valuable tool in understanding how visitors browse websites. By understanding your users’ online behaviors and viewing patterns you can design your websites to be both enhance the user experience as well as help you meet your business objectives. What is online webcam-based eye tracking? Eye tracking is the process of scrutinizing a person’s optical focus in a bid to measure eye movement, focus time and point of focus. Eye tracking can help an individual Lire la suite

3 Ways Narrowcasting can enhance your communication

Narrowcasting is everywhere. You can find it in waiting rooms, gas stations, restaurants, train stations, and even shopping malls. It is increasingly used because companies are faced with various challenges: How can we make waiting more pleasant for visitors? How do we ensure that important information comes across effectively? To address these challenges, many businesses have turned to narrowcasting as a solution. With powerful content on stylish digital displays, narrowcasting makes it possible to distribute information in a targeted manner, adapted to the target group, the moment, and the place. But what exactly is Narrowcasting? In this article, we will answer this Lire la suite

Omnichannel Retailing: How having a unified approach is good for business

As a customer, you interact with brands every day. This interaction is sometimes done face-to-face and other times it, it is done digitally through email, social media, and company websites. So how does a business maintain a unified approach in their design, strategy, and customer experience? The answer is omnichannel retailing. Let’s take a look at what omnichannel is and why it is important. What is Omnichannel Retailing? Omnichannel (meaning all channels) is a fully integrated approach to commerce that offers the customers a unified experience across all the offline and online channels. Authentic omnichannel shopping goes beyond brick and mortar Lire la suite

Anonymous Video Analytics: Face Detection Software for Digital Signage

Digital signs are quite a fixture in stores, shopping malls, airports, train stations, and many other public venues. As this medium for digital signage-based advertising becomes increasingly commonplace, network operators are incorporating Anonymous Video Analytics to more effectively measure the audience viewing them. But what is Anonymous Video Analytics and how does it measure the audience viewing a particular message from a digital sign? What is Anonymous Video Analytics (AVA)? Anonymous Video Analytics is a computer vision technology that uses a technique known as pattern detection, for gathering metrics about digital signage audience engagement. AVA typically involves using a camera mounted Lire la suite

Facial Expression Recognition for Market Research

Being able to interpret facial expressions is an important part of nonverbal communication. Think about this, in a conversation, if you only listen to what a person says and ignore what that person’s face is communicating to you, then you’re only getting half the story. The value in understanding facial expressions is to gather information about how the other person is feeling and guide your interaction accordingly. Well, what does this all mean for you as a business or researcher? Let’s dive in for some clarity. What is Facial Expression Recognition? Facial expression recognition is computer-based technology that uses algorithms Lire la suite

Intelligent Digital Signage: When Artificial Intelligence meets Digital Signage

Initially thought of as an electronic replacement for static posters and billboards, digital signage is now a familiar site in the modern world. Installations of flat-panel displays and media players delivering targeted advertising and other messages to shoppers, restaurant patrons, passengers and more, can be seen everywhere. Intelligent Digital Signage When Artificial Intelligence meets Digital Signage Even with all of this, many still wonder how much more valuable could this channel be? Can digital signage take on a role to personalize messages or respond to a situation in real-time? The answer is yes! Powered with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Lire la suite