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BrightSign customers outline the flexibility of its payment system, its affordability and convenience towards BrighSign clients. The company adapts for customer needs and focuses on delivering outstanding customer service.
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The BrighSign products are well known for their reliability and functionality.
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The BrighSign products are well known for their reliability and functionality.
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Easy to Use
The Digital Signage system that is created by BrighSign is designed to be operated by anyone and requires little expertise. There are no requirements for the knowledge of HTML or any other programming language. The solution is easy to use and convenient. 
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Who is BrightSign

BrightSign is a hardware manufacturing company that focuses on providing its clients with leading digital signage media players, presentation authoring solutions for commercial use, as well as cloud networking solutions. BrightSigns media players are argued to set new boundaries for networked digital signage applications that provide superior video quality, convenience to use, reliability, and user experience. The company is a partner of various technology manufacturers, content providers, and CMS systems. Brightsign focuses to deliver outstanding video hardware solutions for any given digital signage system.

The company offers a wide range of models that are packaged with features and connectivity options for the specifics of any given application. Moreover, BrightSign offers models that differ from basic entry-level BrightSign LS that supports simple looping videos to advanced interactivity models that contain built-in wired or wireless networking for remote content updates, powerful video engineering capabilities, such as HTMP5, PoE+ and the function of playing Live TV and true 4K HDR content that supports video playback.

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What is the solution?
The solution is created exclusively for digital signage. BrightSign OS is able to deliver superior signage capabilities and truly exceptional Full HD and 4K HDR video quality with a dependable solid-state platform. All of the BrightSign products deliver the highest possible standards of reliability, affordability, and easy to use factor. 
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History of BrightSign

BrightSign LLC is a private company based in Los Gatos, California. The company has been founded by Anthony Wood, who became famous for inventing digital video recorded (DVR) and as a founder of Roku Inc. Brightsign is currently a global leader in digital signage media players and has been reported by IHS every single quarter from 2013 to present in its Global Market for Digital Signage research study. The study publishes market shares of all media players and PC-based solutions. 

The BrightSign enterprise is known by the digital signage market worldwide, for its reliability, affordability, and easy to use characteristics.

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Face Analytics Integrated Solution

Take full advantage of Sightcorps partner integration with BroadSign in order to gain real-time and relevant insights about your clients. Get to know your customers and their data such as demographics, behavior patterns, attention times, and much more! 

Set up effective and targetable advertising campaigns based on the characteristics of your target audience. Automatically record and analyze information for every promotional material within the advertising campaign, get to know what works for your audiences, and whatnot. Take full control of your promotional strategy, make sure that it’s cost-effective, and that you are getting the result that you paid for. Get the full package from BroadSign and Sightcorp and start your effective promotional campaign.

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