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The integration between Grassfish CMS and DeepSight Toolkit allows you to rely on accurate audience data to deliver carefully tailored content to your customers at the right moment.
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Audience Analytics
The integration of DeepSight Toolkit with Intuiface can be used for collecting performance data around experiences and also programmatic/dynamic scheduling of ads.
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Your Own CMS System
Are you looking for another CMS? In case it is not listed here, do not hesitate to ask us about the compatibility to your platform, we are always on the lookout for new and useful integrations that can fulfill the desires and needs of our customers.
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Discover Our CMS Integrations

Audience analytics for CMS is insightful information about content viewership. It is a computer vision technology that uses pattern detection algorithms that identify facial points and filters them into several audience viewership variables. These variables include viewer count, gender, age range, dwell time, and even viewer sentiment.

Sightcorp integrates with various industry-leading platforms and services, to further extend the capabilities of Audience Analytics through the use of convenient integration into CMS.

In case you are looking for custom integration and your CMS is not listed here, please let us know. We are always on the lookout for new and useful integrations that can fulfill the desires and needs of our customers.

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Why integrate audience analytics with CMS?

Integrating audience analytics with your CMS will increase the efficiency of advertising on any digital signage screen.
By knowing who is watching your content, you will be able to create personalized ads that speak directly to your target audience.

Audience viewer information is captured by a computer powered camera inside a digital sign and is processed by our face analysis software. The technology does not recognize who someone is; it only detects the presence of a mathematical human face.

Our software can estimate age with accuracy up to +/- 5 years. The highest accuracy can be achieved by creating a suitable scenario for the software such as placing the camera at eye level of individuals together with optimal lighting conditions.

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Intuiface Audience Analytics Bundle

Everything you need to run digital content that not only measures any target audience but also reacts to it with targeted audience-specific content. All of that without writing a single line of code!


  • Operates Fully Automated and in Real-Time
  • Collects Actionable Demographic (age, gender, mood) and Viewer Data (OTS, impressions, attention time)
  • Works With Any Camera
  • Built for any Industry and Environment
  • Completely Anonymous and Privacy Compliant
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Grassfish CMS Integration

Grassfish provides retailers and other customers with reliable and flexible in-store solutions to connect and interact with their customers, deliver targeted content and improve customer experience. Their digital signage solutions enable clients to display dynamic content based on the real-time demographics of their audience in the right place and at the right time.

The Grassfish CMS makes controlling a digital signage network very simple. With the use of audience data, it allows users to display their content to the right people that pass by their digital signs. At the same time, all analyzed audience data is captured in an easy-to-use dashboard.

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Use Cases

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Retail and Supermarkets

Automate access control and count the number of visitors within a store using our people counting technology. After a few weeks the software will predict occupancy levels for the coming periods, ideal for staff planning.

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Corporate Offices

Going back to the workplaces needs to be managed in a safe and controlled way, by using our people counting & mask detection technology you can proactively inform staff on your website and on premise on real-time occupancy levels and remind them & visitors to wear masks.

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Airports and the aviation business can provide reassurance to travelers by implementing safety regulations. With mask detection technology, individuals can be anonymously monitored to assess if face masks are being worn even inside gates.

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Restaurants, Bars and Clubs

With nightlife and restaurants reopening it is crucial to follow guidelines set by the government and informing customers of the precautionary safety measures taken, the number of people allowed indoors and facemask requirements.


Through the aggregation of Sightcorp data with multiple data detection points, people-counting and Wi-Fi analytics, our ads and messages are more targeted and honed to specific audiences resulting in enhanced customer experience and interaction, and consequently delivering an overall higher ROI for clients.

– Patrick Hayes, Managing Director, Focal Media

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