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What is DeepSight Data Studio?


DeepSight Data Studio is a visualization platform that complements our DeepSight Toolkit.

All data from multiple cameras can be connected to the Data Studio to create user friendly graphs and charts that offer insights into audiences in real-world environments. This dashboard can be used to merge audience data with proof of play data to understand and measure the performance of each piece of content individually. It also includes audience reach data on a  per screen and per network level.  

Visualizing retail analytics data can also be made easy using the dashboard. Key insights such as store footfall data, customer satisfaction levels, and sales and promotion data can all be compiled in one convenient analysis hub.    

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Features & Requirements



  • Cloud-based dashboard
  • Native integration with DeepSight Toolkit
  • Interactive user interface
  • Proof of play + audience per content
  • Visualize data from multiple cameras
  • Hourly insights
  • All in one place
  • User management
  • View only reports
  • Automatic scheduling of reports (monthly, weekly, daily)



  • Locally deployed DeepSight Toolkit
  • Data Studio account
  • Active internet connection

Data Studio Features

Fully Managed Dashboard

Visualize all your real-time audience data in a fully managed visualization tool that works out-of-the-box with the DeepSight Toolkit.

Flexible User Management

  Manage data from all media buyers in one master dashboard. Create separate views per advertiser and give them view only permissions.

Automated Report Scheduling

 With DeepSight Data Studio, you can easily schedule automated reports. Ensuring you have the most up-to-date audience data when you need it.

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Intuitive Data Reporting & Visualization Tool

DeepSight Data Studio

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Audience Data Visualization Tool

Visualizing all of your audience analysis data can be difficult especially if you have a large scale deployment of cameras and various locations to analyze.

Combining DeepSight Data Studio with DeepSight Toolkit is the perfect way to merge all your data in an understandable format and provide you with accelerated reports that don’t compromise on accuracy.

What can you expect to see?

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Audience Data Reporting for DOOH

Using DeepSight Data Studio, alongside our face analysis product DeepSight, you can conveniently analyze your DOOH campaigns and measure their success. 

Screen Analytics for Media Owners:

Gain specific and detailed campaign analysis on a per-screen basis. Understand true audience reach, view audience demographical breakdowns and understand location specific trends.Using these insights media owners can unlock new opportunities for maximising and monetising the audience reach of each display, ensuring the accurate pricing and distribution of ad space and ensuring that the space is offered to the right brands. 

Content Specific Analytics for Advertisers: 

Measure individual ad success using real-time face analysis data. See how frequently an ad is being viewed and for how long and use this information to make future content improvements. Carry out effective A/B testing to establish the best advertising campaign techniques and implement new merchandising and marketing strategies accordingly. Enabling advertisers to present engaging campaigns, backed by the data and to the right audiences.      

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Customer Data Reporting for Retail

Manually collecting data for retail analysis can be a time-consuming and often laborious process. DeepSight Data Studio working in conjunction with DeepSight Toolkit makes the process of customer & retail analysis easy.

Using both tools you can collect insightful data on customer demographics, customer satisfaction and engagement levels & track footfall and occupancy levels in your store. 

Through the use of this data you can: 

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Connecting All Your Marketing Data

Using DeepSight Data Studio you can create your own unique and powerful data visualization hub. Through the use of charts and face analysis data extractable in seconds from multiple data sources, you can access the most business relevant information and start making data-backed decisions and improvements. 

DeepSight Data Studio benefits:

DeepSight Data Studio FAQ

The DeepSight Data Studio works together with our Toolkit so you will need at least one instance of the Toolkit running locally and pushing data into the Data Studio endpoint. 

The Dashboard comes with pre-made, ready-to-use templates. Chart customization is possible at an additional fee. Contact our sales team via email at for more information or complete a quick contact form

One Toolkit can analyze one camera feed at a time. If you are using multiple cameras, they can all push data into the same endpoint. You can distinguish them by using the Location label in the Toolkit settings. This name will then appear in the Dashboard. 

Yes. Reports can be scheduled to be sent out via email daily, weekly, monthly, or with a custom frequency. Select the recipients and the content that you want to share.  

Yes, it is possible to connect other data sources (e.g. sales data, POP data, staff data) to the dashboard, at an additional customization fee. For more information, contact our sales team at or complete a contact form.   

Yes, it is possible to white label the dashboard (e.g. company logo, company colors) at an additional customization fee. For more information, contact our sales team at or complete a contact form.   

Yes. It is possible to download the reports in a pdf format. It is also possible to protect them with a password. 

Yes, it is possible to share reports with third parties either via pdf export (password protected) or via URL sharing (view only permission).  

Data is stored in one of two platforms Google BigQuery or Google Data Storage. Recent data is stored using Google BigQuery and older/historical data is stored in Google Data Storage. 

The Dashboard is priced on a per camera per month basis. Reach out to our sales team to learn more at 

Yes. In order to send data to the dashboard the Toolkit requires an active internet connection. Internet is also required for the viewing of final reports. 

All your data can be stored in one master dashboard and you can create different views per project. These 'views' can then be shared with different stakeholders. Each stakeholder only has access to their own data they cannot see the master dashboard. Reach out to our sales team to learn more at or complete a contact form

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