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If you are looking for accurate eye tracking technology for your project, InSight SDK is the right software toolkit for your needs. This Face Analysis Software is devoted to a single-user analysis in controlled environments, where the user is at an arm-length distance from the device. It is pioneer in combining eye tracking, emotion recognition and demographics, all-in-one solution.

Gain a better understanding of individuals’ behavior and attention to different stimuli, and use the retrieved facial data to create new ways of Human-computer interaction, to improve user experience, website and mobile usability, and more.

InSight works on the most popular desktop and mobile platforms:

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CrowdSight SDK is a crowd Face Analysis Software which can track multiple people at once and at a far distance, in different real-life environments. It is able to capture spontaneous, unspoken reactions and translate them into universal facial expressions, like happiness, surprise, fear, and more. Additionally, the SDK is able to track important demographics such as age and gender to measure the audience interest in different stimuli.

Use the SDK to create interactive, targeted content, to build new exciting ways of interaction with devices, products or brands, or simply observe and gather information from your audience.

CrowdSight is available on the most popular desktop and mobile platforms:


Get the InSight Demo All Platforms

Get the CrowdSight Demo All Platforms