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How to increase performance/speed of Toolkit?

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The best way to achieve high performance with the Toolkit is to run the software on a powerful processor (e.g. i5 or i7). The software is running sophisticated computer vision algorithms, therefore, it requires certain levels of computing power. If upgrading your hardware is not an option, you can manipulate several settings in the Toolkit to optimize the performance and increase speed.

In the General Settings you can select highest performance (slider to the left) in the Performance Settings. Note that this setting uses our least accurate face detector, therefore, some false positives and undetected faces are to be expected. The highest accuracy option uses our most accurate face detector but also requires higher CPU consumption.

If you are only interested in a limited field of view, set your Region of Interest (ROI) in the Input Settings tab. This saves processing power and can also reduce false positives.

Uncheck the features that you’re not interested in analyzing (e.g. mood, clothing color).

For a minor speed bump, you can set the number of threads equal to the no. of cores in your machine but no more. To learn more, please refer to How to use threads?

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