Automatic Gender Classification

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Gender Data
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Use Cases

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DOOH & Digital Signage

Implementing anonymous gender analysis into your D00H or digital signage campaign ensures your content has the best opportunity to be seen and heard. Playing gender tailored content in a smart, automated fashion increases the chances that the content will be viewed with interest and that the message will not get lost.

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Understanding the demographics of the customers that make up your store is pivotal in understanding how to market your products and in implementing business growth strategies. Gender recognition can be combined with other consumer analysis in order to get the best picture of your visitors and improve customer conversion rates.     

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Entertainment Venues

Venue owners can use gender recognition as an audience measuring tool to establish who their main demographic is attending each event, show or concert. Through gender classification, effects such as lighting and music can be tailored and customized to optimize audience experiences.      

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Automatic Gender Classification​

GENDER recognition

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Male vs Female Face Analysis

Gender Recognition is carried out by firstly detecting the presence of a face within a video stream or picture. The face is then anonymously analyzed to confirm that it is in fact a human face. Following this, the deep learning algorithms then work to distinguish if the face has characteristics of a male or female through differences in facial parameters and landmarks. 

Male faces tend to have: Deep set eyes, larger foreheads, lower positioned eyebrows, larger noses and flatter cheekbones. 

Female faces tend to have: Rounded cheek bones, shorter noses, highly positioned and arched eyebrows.    

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Gender Analysis & Face Mask Detection

Gender Analysis provides useful insights for retailers and marketers alike, however it is just one aspect of a bigger analytics picture. 

There are a number of additional metrics which can be anonymously measured using face analysis technology. Metrics such as age, mood, head pose, attention time and more, can all be examined simultaneously using one product. 

Our deep learning product, DeepSight, provides a comprehensive solution, incorporating all the analysis features together to ensure that you get the most benefit from your customer and visitor analysis. 

Obtain actionable and accurate statistics now!       

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Gender Recognition in Practice

Our face analysis software, DeepSight carries out the gender classification process in real-time and with high levels of accuracy. The large data set of male and female images on which our deep learning algorithms have been trained upon makes it easier to establish which sex an individual is. 

Once classified the findings are displayed clearly beside each individual that is present in the footage. Even in obscure angles or in large groups of people, faces can still be detected and analyzed.   

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Gender Recognition

Why is Gender Recognition important?
Privacy is at the forefront of our development work, and for this reason, we build all our Face Analysis technology with privacy by design which means that all image processing takes place on device (locally) and that the client is the sole controller and owner of the data. We have also incorporated privacy by default in the form of automatically blurring all faces captured in video streams. Sightcorp does not have direct or remote access to any of the devices running the software.
What is Gender Recognition software?

Gender recognition, in the context of facial analysis, refers to the process of using artificial intelligence technology to identify whether a facial image is more likely to belong to a male or to a female.

Using deep learning methods, facial analysis software can recognize gender based on images or videos of faces with remarkable accuracy.

How does Gender Recognition Work?

At Sightcorp, we developed 100% based on deep learning (DL) face analysis software – DeepSight SDK – which incorporates Gender Recognition system. Using DL algorithms, firstly our software detects and analyses multiple faces; after that, it extracts face characteristics from the input image, when eyes, lips, beard, hair, etc. are categorized with remarkable accuracy as typical of a male or a female.

How can you use Gender Recognition Software?

Gender Recognition Technology is applicable in marketing, advertising, and digital signage sectors. With gender identification, you can easily ascertain if your marketing campaigns work effectively, targeting the right audience.  

Performing a careful in-store analysis of consumers, taking into account Gender Recognition, you acquire data that can be transformed in business growth strategies, bringing together ROI increase and customer experience improvement.

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