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Biometric Facial Recognition

What is Biometric Facial Recognition?

Biometric facial recognition is an application that can uniquely identify and verify a face through comparison and analysis of patterns on the basis of facial contours. There is increasing interest of the use of biometric face recognition. Face recognition technology assesses and matches unique facial features for authentication and identification. It is possible through investment in a digital camera, whereby the face recognition program detects faces in images, quantifies the images and matches them against templates stored in databases. The biometric face scanning technology is improbably versatile and its reflection is in its wide range of potential applications.

How does Biometric Facial Recognition work?

Every face has several distinguishable landmarks that are identified by biometric face recognition software. Some of the nodal points analyzed by face recognition applications are width of the nose, shape of cheekbones, and length of the jawline and the depth of the eye sockets. Nodal points are measured thereby creating a numerical code that represents the face in the database. The biometric facial recognition system works in a four-stage process involving capturing a physical or a behavioral sample by the system for enrollment. This is followed by the extraction of unique data from the sample whereby a template is created thereafter. The template is then compared with a new sample followed by matching.

Matching is a process whereby the system decides whether the extracted features from the new sample are matching or not matching. When a person faces a camera, the system locates the face and performs matches against facial prints on the database or against the claimed identity. Some situations might require the user to move in a bid to reattempt the verification process on the basis of the facial position. The decision made by the system usually takes less than five seconds to give a match if it exists.

How can businesses use Biometric Face Recognition?

Face recognition technology was pioneered for use in enhancing border security and in law enforcement but in the modern day, the applications are beginning to be used by businesses. For example, in the hospitality industry, hotels are using facial recognition to create a more personalized and frictionless experience for guests. Through the consent of guests, providing photos of themselves beforehand, hotels leverage the power of face recognition to streamline check-in processes.

Other businesses such as retail, use the technology with the combination of customer purchasing trends analysis to customize the customer service experiences. This aids in speeding up orders when customers whose photos are in the business database make a return visit.

Also, the technology is used in improving security in businesses thereby avoiding cases of shoplifting and violent crimes. It excellently helps entrepreneurs in keeping the assets and the clients of the business safe by avoiding trouble with trespassers. Also, it can be used to automate the identification process. An automated platform ensures the identification process is devoid of flaws and continues without any hitches. This translates into more convenience reduced operational costs.

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