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Content Intelligence

What is Content Intelligence?

Content intelligence is a term that is used to describe the insights that can be gained from leveraging artificial intelligence powered systems to optimise content marketing efforts both in the online and offline domains. Content marketing is a powerful method of attracting consumers to a brand. Relevant, valuable content builds trust and industry authority as well as nurturing leads.

As companies focus increasingly on digital transformation, the race to meet consumers through content is one that necessitates a quality over quantity approach. With millions of blogs posted each day and a large amount of content populating cities and community spaces via digital signage displays, it is only through the use of data informed by content intelligence that brands can hope to efficiently stand out to their target audience through content marketing.

Content intelligence tools allow companies to understand their target audience in order to deliver content that attracts and engages them more effectively. In combining the processes of customer analysis and content optimization, the main benefits of content intelligence are that it speeds up the process of content marketing and boosts results.

How does Content Intelligence work in digital signage?

Within the space of digital out of home (DOOH) advertising, content intelligence tools combine data analysis with extended insights that allow companies to optimize their in-person advertising. These might be as specific as the gender of the people that viewed the ad or as general as how many people saw it within a specific time frame.

Content intelligence doesn’t stop in the online space. Within the field of digital signage, or digital out of home (DOOH), artificial intelligence provides insights that allows businesses to make the most of their ad space and allows advertisers to prove the value of each placement in real-time. 

Digital signage displays that make use of content intelligence allow businesses to craft a truly data-driven approach. Using software such as Sightcorp’s alongside physical hardware including a camera, CMS and digital displays, it can report on everything from how many people view a piece of content to the specific demographic of those that do. 

With insights on age, gender and more, one of the benefits of content intelligence is that it allows companies to adopt a truly tailored strategy. The software can then display different content to different audiences in order to gain maximum viewability and boost customer experience. For example, a digital screen placed in a supermarket could display personalized product suggestions based on the demographics of the person viewing or walking closely past it. This could increase sales by highlighting products that may be of interest to each particular customer, while they are already in a buying mindset.

Everything you need to know about online Content Intelligence

A crucial aspect of any content strategy, content intelligence tools allow brands to learn where and when to deliver content, as well as analyzing which types of content work best and allowing creators to improve the quality of the content itself. Online, content intelligence works in three stages. The first- data analysis- allows companies to understand their customers, to explore which of their content has performed the best and to analyse their competitors. In the second stage, the software will suggest new clusters of content that the company is likely to rank for and show insights relating to how existing content could be optimised on a topic level. The third stage gives insights on on-page optimisation for each piece of content.

What are the benefits of Content Intelligence?

As well as all the benefits of content intelligence that we have mentioned so far, it’s worthwhile exploring some other ways in which it can optimize business performance. 

By closing the gap between strategy insights and content marketing effort, businesses can streamline their approach and media owners can more accurately promise results from a given advertising space. This speeds up the entire processes of media buyers bidding for ads and displaying content and more as much of it can happen in real- time.

Content intelligence also makes data analysis easy at scale, which is key for businesses as they grow. Sightcorp’s DeepSight Toolkit, for example, presents all audience analysis and screen analytics insights on an intuitive dashboard. To find out more, click here.