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Programmatic Digital Advertising

What is Programmatic Digital Advertising?

Programmatic digital advertising is a sophisticated new form of online marketing that streamlines how companies can bid for and buy ad space on mobile device apps, on the web, and also for digital signage in retail areas.

It’s so new that it’s even taking online marketers more time than usual to catch up with the advances in marketing technology. What it is and what it does, however, is relatively straightforward.

How can Programmatic Digital Advertising be used?

Programmatic digital advertising is accessible to any company looking to reach their specific target audience. What makes it different from traditional ad buying models is that it uses algorithms to target consumers based on their real user data. This means that it’s now easier than ever to deliver the right advertisement to the right person and this all happens in real-time.

To make programmatic digital advertising work requires a vast database of user data to be consulted in milliseconds – as fast as the time it takes for a new webpage to load. What happens during that time an algorithm determines whether the person who is about to visit a webpage – or walk by a digital display with facial recognition – is someone who’s likely to be interested in seeing your ad or not.

What are the benefits of Programmatic Digital Advertising?

The main benefit of programmatic digital advertising is its efficiency. With programmatic digital advertising, there is no human involved in deciding which advertising spot to buy, as the process of buying and selling the ad space for your ad is automated.

Another aspect of programmatic digital advertising is that it does all the price negotiation for you, all within these milliseconds that it takes to determine whether your ad should display or not. Since programmatic digital advertising can target users based on user-specific preferences and behaviors, you don’t have to negotiate yourself on the price or to be assured of a specific type of consumer seeing your ad.

This process saves marketers a lot of time and energy. It also benefits the consumer, as they are more likely to see something that interests them.

Why is Programmatic Digital Advertising important?

Programmatic digital advertising is relevant because it fundamentally changes the way digital advertisements are bought and sold. It introduces a streamlined approach for companies to purchase ad space and it ensures that ads are displayed to those who are most likely to be interested.

It also takes away some of the risk and stress that can be associated with purchasing or bidding for digital ad space and reduces some of the risk associated with spending money on advertisements that don’t reach your target audience.

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