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Target and deliver the desired digital ad content to the right audience at the right time to increase sales conversions.
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Achieve competitive customer segmentation by understanding audience demographics.
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Track and measure customers’ attention span and viewing behavior.
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Know the best performing content across all your campaigns or within a selected campaign/ location.
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Optimize and A/B test your marketing campaigns by understanding how audiences interact with them.
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Create engaging and interactive experiences for your consumers to improve brand retention and recall.
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Who is NEC?

NEC is a Japanese multinational information technology and electronics corporation that is headquartered in Minato, Tokyo. The corporation provides IT and network solutions to various businesses, government agencies, and communication providers and has been the largest personal computer vendor in Japan since 80s.

Nec offers a vast portfolio of products that fulfill many different needs and are made for different industries. One of the NEC products that is focused on DOOH industry, is a digital marketing and analytics solution that is called NEC Analytics Learning Platform or ALP in short. This solution allows business owners and retailers to get insights into the profiles of their viewer audiences and to automatically deliver optimized messaging. 

NEC ALP is a complete platform that consists of hardware, software, cloud service, big data analytics managed services, consulting, customized software, content creation and constant customer support 24/7. In a typical setting the system is made of computer software appliances, cameras and sensors. The system has been designed as a full API integration into the digital signage CMS system, that will allow the solution to deliver designated content at a given time to the right audience through different media player platforms. NEC selected a Dutch AI company Sightcorp to fuel the ALP platform with state-of-the-art audience analytics software. 

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History of NEC

NEC has a rich history behind its name. It has been active since 1899 and is present on various markets that are affiliated with electricity, electronic devices and computer technology. The company used to be called Nippon Electric Company, Limited, before rebranding in 1983 as NEC. The company used to be the world’s fourth largest computer manufacturer back in 1990s. The aim of the company can be expressed in a slogan: Better Products, Better service. This slogan used to carry out the promise to customers that they will be provided with best on class products and superior level of service. 

It has to be noted that a notion of a follow-up services wasn’t popular among Japanese companies until mid 50s. NEC on the other hand embraced the follow-up service concept from the beginning of its corporate history. The concept has eventually developed into how we know it today – Customer Satisfaction. Domestic and world first technology and research developments have made it possible for the NEC to carry out constant effective innovation within the company. NECs history has been constantly marked by frequent innovation during more than 100 years of company history.

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Mission and Vision
The mission vision of NEC can be described as focus on creating the value for all members of the society. The company is looking ahead to a brighter future. NEC believes that through innovation and creation, digital solution are able to address society’s needs. They believe that together, we will be able to find the solution to every challenge and problem
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Sightcorp integration with NEC

Sightcorp has created a Face analysis solution that has been designed in order to be used in collaboration with NEC ALP digital signage platform. The combined solution with NEC ALP consists of on the edge software, hardware and camera, cloud services, and big data analytics. The integration uses DeepSight Toolkit, that is an easy-to-use cross-platform solution that anonymously detects and analyzes multiple faces using just a simple USB or IP camera. 

The Toolkit runs offline and locally which gives the user great flexibility and also high data security – no video or images are ever recorded, only the raw and aggregated data is transformed and pushed into the Analytics Learning Platform (ALP). With this integration, media owners and advertisers are now finally able to not only monitor but also engage based on the impressions, views, attention time, dwell time, as well as demographics on any type of advertising network, from DOOH to in-store.

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