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Sightcorp Partnerships

We are building lasting relationships with partners internationally, providing Artificial Intelligence solutions for companies active in Retail, Digital Signage and DOOH. Our flexibility and out-of-the-box range of technologies ensures we have the most up to date and optimized audience measurement tools available to fit your business and customers needs. 

We are seeking strategic partnerships with qualified companies that are looking to grow and innovate their business. If you have an idea that involves state-of-the-art face analysis technology then we are here to provide you with the right tools, products, advice and any direction that you may need.    

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Our Partners

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About Us

Sightcorp is an AI spin-off from the University of Amsterdam (UvA). We specialize in easy-to-use face analysis and face recognition software solutions that are available in various formats, such as SDKs and convenient plug and play solutions.

We focus on transforming computer vision and deep learning research into various commercial solutions that help our customers to obtain accurate, real-time and actionable insights about their audiences. Our audience analytics software is able to anonymously analyze faces in images, videos, and real-life environments giving valuable information to our customers, such as gender, approximate age, viewing angle, mood and much more.

Our solutions can also be used in order to carry out effective marketing research through the use of integrated tools such as people counter, face blur and more.

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Interested In Becoming Our Partner?

We are delighted that you are considering a partnership with Sightcorp. For more detailed information and an introduction into what our solutions offer, you can fill out an information request form or alternatively plan a call with one of our dedicated sales representatives. 

Our team can provide you with a live demo, offer product insight using proven use-case statistics, and guide you when deciding which solution is best for your business.

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Current Partner Integrations

Learn more about our partner integrations with other companies

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Audience Analytics

Intuiface has partnered with us to integrate our face analysis technology into their solutions. Creating a smart digital signage solution that is fully automated and can play targeted and tailored content to viewers according to their profile. Discover how to supercharge your display network now, using the most accurate audience analytics solution available on the market.  

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In-Store Analytics

Insightz offers a complete in-store analytics solution which allows retailers to map customer journeys, carry out accurate customer analysis and increase revenues. Their solution is powered by our face analysis technology which enables the anonymous aggregation of customer data. Count the number of visitors entering the store, keep track of occupancy levels and analyze demographic data all by just using our optimum solution DeepSight.  

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Digital Signage & Mask Detection

Grassfish creates reliable and flexible in-store digital signage solutions which provide retailers with the opportunity to connect with their customers through targeted and automated content played on digital screens. Our face analysis technology collects anonymous viewer data such as attention time, opportunity to see and demographic information. With the new addition of face mask detection, custom safety messages can now also be shown between advertisements. 


“We’re excited to be able to add the unique mood measurement and face analysis solutions from Sightcorp to our existing solution portfolio as we get major interest for this functionality from several of our key clients.”

– Michael Tan, CEO at Scarabee

Ready To Integrate With Sightcorp?

Contact us and get to know how you can start working with us to conquer new heights with AI technologies!