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Beesight demonstration at CEATEC JAPAN
Client: AECOM
Skill: Visualization, Customer-counter functions, Media & PR content
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AECOM | BeeSight’s Mark II

AECOM used Sightcorp’s CrowdSight SDK to create a new software application Beesight combining all Face Analysis features together with people counting.

The Application
The BeeSight’s Mark II software fueled by Sightcorp’s face analysis technology can be used to identify many different features of consumers’ faces – facial expression, age, gender, head pitch, etc. The software also measures mood and attention time of consumers. Everything in real-time! This application can be used in various industries such as Retail and Digital Signage with a camera embedded in a digital TV screen. The gathered audience information is very useful for advertisers who wish to target their marketing content and advertisements according to the different profiles of their viewing audience.