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Company: : Sightcorp
Location: : Amsterdam Area, Netherlands

AI Internship

About your role:
You will work autonomously on the topic of your research. We expect you to work in the Sightcorp office under the supervision of one of our senior researchers. Your supervisor will check in with you on a regular basis to ensure your progress. You will also participate in daily stand-up meetings to share your progress with the team. Before starting the project we will discuss the deliverables, which will include re-usable code and/or research notes.

Our expectations of you
As an intern we expect you to show your commitment to your assigned project. This means putting in the hours in the office and attending meetings where requested. In turn, the R&D team can provide you with supervision and feedback on your project. The final result of the project should be something our team can build on for future experiments or products, so we expect your code to be readable and clean.

Deliverables: benchmarkable research code, other deliverables depend on the project

Suggested topics:

  • Single-shot body detection: experiment with methods to detect people in the wild in real-time;
  • Head pose estimation: build a classifier to estimate the pose of a head from an image;
  • Gaze estimation in uncalibrated environment: without constraining the target individual, estimate the 3D point they are looking at;
  • Emotion classification: build a classifier to classify the apparent emotion of a face in an image;
  • Liveliness detection: build a classifier for the task “is this a person or just an image of a person”?
  • Character Recognition (OCR) using Deep Learning: improve recall of OCR using ConvNets;
  • Scene classification for surveillance: use ConvNets to automatically detect remarkable events like burglary or violence to notify the user;
  • Action detection: build a model to detect the intent of people in a scene.

What we offer

  • A competitive monthly internship compensation
  • Offices at Science Park just across from Universum, at two minutes walking distances of the UvA.
  • Monthly company progress meetings with borrels featuring cool activities such as VR gaming, parkouring and apenkooien.
  • Twice per month Tech Lunches where one of our researchers presents a state-of-the-art Computer Vision topic.
  • Access to our local computing cluster for any high-intensity Deep Learning workload.
  • Access to our task-specific datasets where applicable for the research.
  • Access to the counseling and knowledge of our researching team.
  • An opportunity to participate and contribute to ongoing research in a fast-moving research team.
  • Of course all of the coffee you could want!


Are you interested in the position and do you have the required skills and experience? Let us know immediately!

When applying for this position, only English CV’s as PDF will be considered and only successful applicants will be notified. We prefer candidates who already live in or near Amsterdam. Due to the large number of applications that we receive on a daily basis, we can only respond to the applications that match our requirements.

We are looking forward to hearing from you!