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Leverage Data to Create Smarter and More Responsive Environments

Face Analysis Technologies for AV Integrated Systems

Human-aware Environments

Make buildings and surroundings more comfortable, safe, efficient and focus on people’s needs.

Leverage Face Analysis Technology to build ambient intelligent at home or in public spaces that sense, understand and respond to people’s behavior, profile and interest.

  • Offer superior and more meaningful experience to people
  • Understand how people engage and experience apps, services and environments
  • Identify the demographic profiles and emotional behavior of people at your building entrances/exits and security gates

And much more!

Smart airports

Airports of the Future

Airport environments and traveling can be stressful resulting in negative emotions due to delays, queue lines, overpriced merchandise, tiredness, and anxiety or fear of flying.

Passenger-centered airports that offer human-aware environments and services will outcome these problems, making the overall travel experience for passengers more enjoyable, personalized, relevant and relaxed.

The Human and Emotion Analytics Technology from Sightcorp can help airports and airline service providers to understand and adapt to passengers’ demands and needs, by taking into account their interest, emotional behavior, preferences, movements and preferred dwell locations.

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