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Cameleon using Sightcorp Face Analysis Technology
Client: Cameleon
Skill: Audience Behavior Analysis, Crowd Analysis Software, Interactive Advertisement

Cameleon has selected the Face Analysis Technology from Sightcorp in order to better understand shoppers’ behavior and choices in Retail stores.

The Application
The web-based platform from Cameleon – “InsightManager” – is able to track multiple people inside a store in real-time and understand their profiles, behavior and engagement level by measuring their age, gender and attention time while looking at specific products and advertisement campaigns. Customers from Cameleon can now gather valuable insight about their shoppers’ interest and adjust their product shelves and Marketing campaigns accordingly. Consequently, they are able to be more cost-effective and produce the intended Return on Investment.
With the help of “InsightManager” and of a simple camera, companies can engage more effectively with their audiences and offer them an innovative, interactive and intuitive way of experiencing brands, products and content.

The contribution of Sightcorp technologies
CrowdSight SDK – the crowd face analysis software from Sightcorp makes it possible to track multiple faces at the same time and accurately retrieve insight on shoppers’ facial expressions, mood, attention time, age, gender, ethnicity and more. All this in real-time.