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Rijks Museum Emotion Demo
Client: Hyper Island
Skill: Emotion Recognition, Age Estimation, Gender Estimation, Face Analysis Cloud Engine API, Interactive Museum Application, Creative Industries

Hyper Island is using the Face Analysis Technology from Sightcorp to provide an appealing cultural experience, by showing users which portraits from the Rijksmuseum’s collection they look alike.

The Application
Rijks Emotions is a student project from Hyper Island which aims to stimulate the interest and enthusiasm of young generations for museums, by offering them a more interactive and engaging experience.
The application is able to read the facial mood expressions of people, like happiness, surprise or disgust, and recognize which age and gender group they belong to, in real-time. Based on this information, the system shows a painting from the Rijksmuseum’s collection which matches with the same facial variables. The project has commercial potential to be integrated as interactive digital signage solutions in Amsterdam and other cities in the World, shortening the distance between people and museums.

The contribution of Sightcorp technologies
Thanks to the F.A.C.E. API (Face Analysis Cloud Engine) from Sightcorp, the Rijks Emotions application is able to retrieve real-time facial information from the users such as their facial expressions (happiness, surprise, disgust, sadness, fear and anger), and age and gender group, to then automatically match this information with paintings from the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. This is an example of how the Computer Vision and Face Analysis technologies from Sightcorp can be successfully applied to creative industries and experiments.